#131: Why Quit Vegetable Oils & The Nutrition-Beauty Connection ~Dr Cate Shanahan

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Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition, joins us today to talk about the ill effects of PUFA’s, caring for your Connective Tissue, pre and post natal nutrition, and how nutrition effects beauty. 

Cate knocked me sideways with her seminal book Deep Nutrition, that introduces you to ideas in nature and human physiology that makes so much sense, but you don’t hear about. 

She’s a board certified US Family physician specialising in resolving diet-driven conditions such as obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions. She has built nutritional programs for LA Lakers and other NBA teams across the US for optimal performance and wellness. 

Dr Cate has taken on the David vs Goliath war against Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA’s), otherwise known as Seed and Vegetable Oils, for their deleterious effects on the human body. We get into why she is so passionate about this fight. 

As part of your understanding of what great nutritional health looks like, this episode with Cate is a must-listen, alongside her books listed below. 

Here’s what we discuss

  1. Dr Cate’s COVID-19 perspective and update
  2. Dr Cate’s Background
  3. How Vegetable Oils became so prevalent and synonymous with health
  4. What are Seed Oils, Vegetable Oils and PUFA’s?
  5. Why do processed foods contain Seed Oils vs Animal Fats?
  6. How to get oil out of seeds, and the consequences of this process?
  7. What issues do PUFA Seed Oils cause within your body?
  8. The effects PUFA’s have on your cells, in particular your fat cells
  9. Why is Connective Tissue health so important, and how to improve it?
  10. The connection between maternal and baby nutrition and the healthy development of a child
  11. How maternal and child nutrition is linked to beauty
  12. The issues arising from maternal malnourishment for first and subsequent children
Dr Cate Shanahan
Dr Cate Shanahan

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Where to find Dr Cate Shanahan and her work

▪︎ Website – https://drcate.com (inc useful links, recipes, shopping lists etc)

▪︎ Books – Deep Nutrition & Fat Burn Fix

▪︎ Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

▪︎ Article – The Hateful Eight (Seed Oils)


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