#125: Viruses, Immune System Health & COVID-19 ~Dr. Russell Jaffe

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Learn how to strengthen your immune system and be more resilient to ill effects of the SARS CoV2 and other viruses with Dr. Russell Jaffe. 

10th April 2020: In this episode, we get a masterclass education on viruses, bacteria, how the immune system works, and the true causes of the COVID-19 pandemic. I do my best to represent you, the listener, with my lines of questioning that look to refine or challenge the messaging we have been hearing for the last month so. 

Dr Jaffe was honoured as the International Scientist of 2003 from IBC in Oxford, England for his lifetime contribution to clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology and integrative health policy. He has authored of over 100 scientific articles, and supports the health of 1000’s of patients through his clinical practice and business. 

We’re undergoing significant duress and anxiety, as well as monumental destruction to modern life as we currently know it. People are worried about their health. About their survival. Hopefully this episode will help shed some light, reassure you, and give you practical measures you can take right away to strengthen you and your loved ones resilience. 

Here’s what we discuss

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic Response – are we over or under responding as governments and people?
  2. Who are at increased risk of COVID-19 complications?
  3. What protective behaviours should be used to those most vulnerable?
  4. What are Viruses, and how the differ from Bacteria? How most are healthful…
  5. What are the Defence Mechanisms of a healthy Immune System?
  6. How do Vaccines work, and what are the downsides?
  7. What is the microbiome and how it can become harmful with Mal-digestion?
  8. It’s not the VIRUS, it’s the HOST! – The most important aspect that is getting no air time…
  9. SARS CoV 2  & COVID-19 – What you need to know about the virus and the infectious disease
  10. The facts, 99.9% recover – Why the concern? Why the range of individual responses? What’s different?
  11. Has this Virus been overhyped by the media and people at large?
  12. COVID-19 Testing and Reporting – issues with the PCR tests, superior testing, and reporting issues
  13. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HOST (you) – Best steps to increase Immune System resilience and reduce hospitality
  14. Can someone quickly strengthen their Immune System – even when they existing conditions?
  15. Can you improve your Immune System just with Supplementation?
  16. What is Inflammation, and what is it indicating in the body?
  17. Vitamin C – Why does Dr Jaffe rate this antioxidant above all else for immune health?
  18. Potential issues a KETO and high animal-based Diet – e.g. cellular starvation, transit time and accumulated feedlot toxins
  19. The optimal human diet, for you – What does Dr. Jaffe recommend to optimally support your immune system?


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