#126: Emotionally handling the Pandemic & living with Schizophrenia ~Jeremiah Osei-Tutu

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Gain a unique emotional and personal insight into living with a significant mental health disorder, with Psychologist, mental health advocate, and public speaker Jeremiah Osei-Tutu. 

Recorded 1st April 2020 – We are within a deep and profound crisis – the Coronavirus global pandemic. Modern life has stopped, as we know it. We’re adapting to a very different way of living. 

Emotions are high. It’s an incredibly testing time psychologically. We need tools, perspectives and emotional guidance on how to navigate the darkness of this crisis – to protect our mental and physical wellbeing.

For some, this time could be particularly vulnerable and scary. To help see this situation through the eyes of those with mental health disorders, Jeremiah Osei-Tutu offers his unique perspective as sufferer of Schizophrenia and a Psychologist.

This episode lets you in to the dark reality of serious mental health issues. You may relate to some degree to the emotional struggles of life. Most importantly, it exposes the powerful mechanisms to not only cope, but to also robustly thrive in spite of mental disorders.

The interview naturally takes on two halves. Firstly, Jeremiah bravely lets us into his world and shares his debilitating mental health journey. The second half switches to the COVID-19 Pandemic, covering the looming mental health issues and ways to combat those real risks.

Here’s what we discuss

Jeremiah’s Experience with Schizophrenia
  1. Getting to know Jeremiah
  2. What is Schizophrenia, what are the symptoms, and how does it feel day to day?
  3. Sound Similar? – how mental health diagnosis is hard, and we all feel degrees of darkness
  4. Jerremiah’s on Meds – The effects, shocking side effects, and why he stopped taking them
  5. The Power of Therapy – CBT, the similarities and differences with Life Coaching and Counselling
  6. Suicidal Episodes – Jerremiah vulnerably shares his reasoning and experiences with wanting to end life
  7. What saved Jeremiah – How has he created momentum and reasoning to continue with his condition?
  8. Accepting death – We get deep about the right to electively choose to end your life
The COVID-19 Pandemic – Mental and Emotional Guidance
  1. Fear of Death. Of Survival – How this emotion alone has deep destructive effects. Releasing fear has profound effects.
  2. Accepting Change – Don’t wait for change. Change is waiting for you. Understand how to adapt
  3. How Jeremiah is handling the Pandemic – what are his strategies and thoughts, as someone emotionally vulnerable?
  4. The REAL most vulnerable – Is it those with existing conditions, or those not conditioned to this new way of life?
  5. Appreciation will soar – How this crisis is allowing for us to be more genuinely appreciative
  6. No One can be Somebody’s Everybody –  The importance of knowing who your support network is.
  7. Social Proximity – The unique opportunity to connect more than ever before. No excuses. Just different.
  8. How to Handle Social Conflict – Techniques to preserve and respect relationships within your household
  9. The power of Journalling – Why ejection of thought is essential. How social media sharing can have the opposite effect
  10. Mindfulness – how and why to disconnect our thoughts from ourselves in these trying times
  11. Manage your Identity Crisis – Why this lockdown is causing a major identity crisis
  12. Time for Reinvention – Identify your values. Live by those values. What REALLY makes you happy? Do you need all the stuff?


Where to find JEREMIAH and his work

▪︎ TEDx Talk – Jeremiah’s The Protagonist and the Script 

▪︎ Instagram – @jeremiah1985ad 

▪︎ Facebook – Jeremiah Osei-Tutu 

Third Party References

▪︎ The Samaritans – If you’re struggling and need someone to talk privately and free 

▪︎ The Maytree – a London sanctuary that support those with suicidal thoughts 


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