#139: Jaclyn Dunne on COVID-19 Truth-Seeking, the Lockdown Mess & Vaccines

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Jaclyn Dunne went viral in mid March, as she spoke her mind on the COVID-19 Crisis and government actions. One Facebook Live video was watched 2.4 million times, and she woke up one morning to 121,000 followers to her personal page!

Why? Because she offered a fresh of breath air. She decided to speak out against a number of illogical inconsistencies and fear-based manipulations in the media, and others found solace in her courage and leadership. They had a safe place to share their non-popular concerns.

Since then, Jaclyn’s has created a go-to platform where she and others share insights on the COVID-19 pandemic that you don’t get to see through mainstream channels. With incredible engagement, Jaclyn’s leadership is met with a lot of love and appreciation.

By background, Jaclyn is a holistic health practitioner and nutrition coach, as well as best selling health and wellness author. She has a diploma in nutrition and hypnotherapy and is a member of the CHEK institute. She founded the Mind and Body Detox programme, where she helps hundreds of people to live a healthier and happier life.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Jaclyn’s dramatic health and career journey, as well as getting insight into her contrarian personality and the effect this one video had on her life. And then… we get deep into all things UK COVID-19 and the many many issues with how the government, media and public are handling it.

This discussion is grounded in deep data, scientific and political insight, however the discussion is up levelled to observations and conclusions vs getting deep into numbers, biology and science.


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Here’s what we discuss

  1. Jaclyn’s story – From accountant and losing her parents to being a holistic health practitioner and author
  2. The Viral COVID-19 Video – From 1K to 121K! What happened? What was the motivation? Was she scared?
  3. Dealing with Hate and Tribalism online – how is Jaclyn handling the rough with the smooth?
  4. Being a Black Sheep and Contrarian – How is Jaclyn OK with thinking in very ‘alternative’ terms? Is it tiring?
  5. Is Jaclyn worried about being wrong? – Is she concerned about misleading and potentially causing harm?
  6. What has Jaclyn learned about people during this time? – Average people, leaders and government officials
  7. The art of manipulation and influence – We talk about psychological warfare and coercive manipulation techniques used in 2020.
  8. Putting ourselves in the Governments Shoes – We try to understand their pressures and impossible decisions.
  9. Easing is more telling than Locking Down – The gaping holes an inconsistencies in the illogical easing guidelines.
  10. Are Civil Servants complicit? – Are they challenging the top line hypothesised science, or just keeping busy and complexifying life?
  11. Are people really Caring and Compassionate? – Or are the middle-class enjoying an extended break from the rate race?
  12. What about the Kids and Less Fortunate? – Why have they not been put first? Have our priorities been justified?
  13. Thoughts on Censorship – Is Jaclyn experiencing censorship? What are her thoughts on the efforts to silence people?
  14. Jaclyn’s perspective on COVID-19 & Lockdown – Was it a proportionate response? What does the data and science say?
  15. Is there a broader agenda? – What things does Jaclyn see have been advanced opportunistically due to this crisis?
  16. Why is Jaclyn against Vaccines? – What her research says, lack of informed choice, her kids, worst vaccines, and industry issues.


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