#157: Robb Wolf – Challenging the Globalist Food Agenda

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Robb Wolf, the world-renowned nutrition and health expert – known for his bestselling books, top-ranked Podcast, and lectures – joins us to unpack the complexity of deciding what and how to feed the human population.

Robb with his former career as a research biochemist, a curious mind, complex problem solving skills and strong debating capability, is wired to getting scientific and deep on big macro issues. He’s known for his direct approach and ability to distill and synthesise information to make the complicated stuff easier to understand.

So, in this episode we take a run at discussing a complicated, thorny and ideologically charged topic – the globalist and technocratic propaganda around food production, food technology, and dietary choices.

This discussion cannot be condensed into a social media soundbite – it needs searching questions, deep reflections, and a deep awareness of the multi-layered complex web of nutrition and ecology.


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Here’s what we cover:

  1. Robb’s life – a little about the past, his experience of the pandemic, and his character
  2. How is Robb psychologically handling the disconnect between scientific honesty and mainstream health narratives?
  3. Why Robb despairs and worries about the future of scientific exploration
  4. Why climate change, equality, medical indoctrinations and social justice is paint-brushing out the past and closing down debate
  5. Humans – the most intellectually and spiritually evolved,  yet the most confused and destructive
  6. Did Robb receive heat  for co-authoring The Sacred Cow – a book promoting regenerative animal agriculture?
  7. What are the risks behind this Technocratic Globalist (non-state) drive to increase centralisation, IP ownership and control of our food systems?
  8. Technological Centralisation vs Local Decentralisation of food production systems – the pros and cons of both.
  9. Does the WEF ‘equitable’ model of centralised ownership of the worlds resources empower or disempower?
  10. Is the anti-meat and lab-grown agenda scalable, equitable, accessible and respectful? Could it be made nutritionally complete with greater innovation?
  11. Can we untether ourselves from the natural resources to fead humans healthily? What are the costs of this?
  12. If after 50 years we’ve now realised Processed Foods are a health problem, why are so trusting on Processed Foods V2.0?
  13. If we stopped Animal Husbandry and/or Mono-cropping tomorrow, what consequences would happen ecologically and on humanity?
  14. The need for greater hybridisation of farming practices – economics focus on efficiency and productivity are misplaced
  15. HOT BUTTON TOPIC – Is planning for a scaled population the right question? How about a social contract to live within the carrying capacity of the land?
  16. Have we uniquely as a species intellectually, spiritually and ethically outgrown our animal-eating instincts?
  17. Why is it that humans feel they are no longer part of the circle of life? Religious tones. Can life exist without death of other species?
  18. How much death and displacement is caused by the mono-crop and plant-based food productions systems?
  19. What about this woke philosophy to eradicate and/or engineer all predators off of this land?
  20. Where have morals gone when people are thrusting their ideologies – e.g. humans should be engineered via vaccines to make them intolerant to Meat and Dairy?

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