England Mortality COVID Update – 9th Feb 2021

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❓What’s driving the excess mortality? SARS CoV2, lockdowns, winter, experimental vaccines, declining physical & mental health, increased deprivation, handicapped NHS…?

These charts pull today’s latest data from ONS, NHS, PHE and FHM.

🤔 We’ve been in heavy restrictions and/or national lockdowns from the beginning of November, against a backdrop of spring and summer restrictions and interventions.

🤔 We’ve been pushing these experimental drugs (COVID-19 vaccines) since 8th December.

🤔 Masks have remained a dominate part of society since July.

🤔 The NHS have been seriously handicapped since spring, with an ever expanding backlog in the bell park of 8-10 million, and a growing population of sick but undiagnosed people.

❓Should we ignore these factors… or brush them under the rug because they are inconvenient and don’t fit the COVID-only narrative?

This is a tough winter

⚠️ This IS an abnormal winter with an excess mortality that is a concern. The question is, what are the contributing factors to this excess, and what is the weighting?

The anti-scientific response is that it’s all the rampant SARS CoV2 virus – measured by the clinically questionable PCR test.

The scientific response would say… “I don’t know, but there are a number of changes to health and healthcare over the last year that MUST be investigated in tandem to the SARS CoV2 hypothesis”.

England COVID Update 9th Feb 2021

The need to make sense of…

Continuing that thread, you would need to square away these realities (amongst others):

1️⃣ Total Mortality is still uncomfortably high in spite of Lockdowns, Masking, Vaccine Rollout, and plummeting Cases, Test Positivity rates, Hospital Patients and NHS COVID Deaths.

2️⃣ Seasonally, we’re in the worst period of death burden, yet, the excess deaths peak is less than half that of Spring. Moreover, it’s a hump shape, versus a sharp ‘Epidemic peak’ that was celebrated as an effect of Lockdown 1… apparently.

3️⃣ An excess of 51,142 people have died at Home and in Care Homes from OTHER CAUSES (non-COVID) in just under 11 months.

4️⃣ Hospitals have seen a decrease of 11.9K deaths of other causes from an excess deaths perspective.

5️⃣ ONS continue to report only 5% of Pneumonia/Influenza deaths caused by P/I, yet 90% of all COVID-19 have COVID-19 stated as the underlying cause. Clearly there is a DIFFERENT death registration protocol for this NOIDS disease (as documented by WHO).

6️⃣ Pneumonia (with Influenza added in the description for convenience) has been surging in lockstep with COVID-19 mortality – with very similar numbers in autumn/winter. With influenza “banished”, is it not right that ONS and WHO change how Pneumonia is reported?

7️⃣ We cannot ignore the correlation between COVID-19 experimental vaccinations push and this sustained excess mortality. As the super majority of the most vulnerable have received their 1st dose, you’d expect any excess deaths brought on by these Vaccines to taper off in the coming weeks. Correlation does not equal causation, but this must be scrutinised very closely as the price is too high to ignore. 




Graphs from the COVID+ Insights Dashboard, where all underlying data sources are called out and linked to. Find a link with the comment below👇🏼 

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