UK Testing & Positivity Update – 9th Feb 2021

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SARS CoV2 PCR Positivity now at levels last seen 24th Sept, whilst testing continues to scale. 👇🏼

🎢 Deaths per Positive Test – a crude but consistent means of tracking virulence/deadliness – has been on quite the unexplainable rollercoaster. All whilst living with tough restrictions, masks everywhere, and two national lockdowns since early November.

Combine that with 13M+ vaccine injections, most of the vulnerable dosed with a COVID-19 vaccine, cases plummeting, and steady declines in hospital metrics…  

…should we let kids lives return to normal ASAP? Should we stop penalising and worsening the lives of those who have the least❓

🤷🏻‍♂️ Should we allow a little joy and life to return to this country, without the quid pro quo of Health Passports, ‘No jab, no job’, non-scientific mask mandates, and authoritarian rules?

🤷🏻‍♂️ Or should we continue the Lockdown pseudo- staycation for the large swathes of middle class and wealthy in the country?

UK Testing & Positivity 9th Feb 2021




All underlying data in these graphs from the PHE Coronavirus dashboard – 9th Feb 2021. Graphs hosted on our COVID+ Insights Dashboard.

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COVID+Insights Dashboard

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