Delaying second doses causes more variants

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World-renowned CDC/FDA Consultant Virologist describes the variant-creating approach to delayed second dose vaccinations 👇🏼

⚠️ Paul Offit, MD:

“There will be a lot of people partially immune for an extended period of time. That’s a great way to create variants – that’s HOW you create variants in the laboratory. You give a lower quantity of neutralising antibodies, thus sort of crippling but not killing the virus. Allowing it to escape it in a sense, and when it escapes it escapes by mutating. SO, I think it’s a way of increasing variants. I think this is a major mistake” (~2:30mins in)

He also expresses concern about vaccine-mixing, explaining there is no data on any of these approaches.

💡Net-net, there is a ton of best guesses and lots of experimentation on the unassuming public.

Also, he shares his thoughts on the AstraZeneca vaccine

This conversation was a few days ago with Dr Zubin Damania. Full video linked in comment below. 👇🏼


The Original Facebook Post – Variant-creating

The Original Facebook Post – AstraZeneca

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