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I keep banging on about it regarding protection against COVID-19… Metabolic Health. Probably the most important concept to grasp in these times is getting in and staying Metabolically Healthy. 

We see that 96% of all COVID-19 mortality had one or more co-morbidities, with leading health conditions being Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity. All of which make up something called Metabolic Syndrome. 

So, if you want to look good, feel good, have a great sustainable relationship with food, minimise your exposure to chronics diseases and robustly defend against infectious respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, then it should be your top priority to get Metabolically Healthy. 

This episode is going to explain exactly what we mean by Metabolic Health, Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolism. Bryn and Steve cover all the bases – ranging from Metabolism and weight management, can you break your metabolism, and hypothyroidism; to how your metabolism becomes dis-regulated, what health issues it causes, and how to identify if you have Metabolic Syndrome. 

You’ll learn about the connection between your metabolism, healthy hormone function, body fat, and your immune system. Lastly, we share the practical and simple diet and lifestyle solutions that will get you metabolically healthy. Things you can start right away that will have a quick and profound effect on your metabolic and immune health. 

This is TOO IMPORTANT to ignore. For you and your loved ones.

We don’t need masks, lockdowns and vaccines. If you truly care about those who are highly susceptible to Flu and COVID-19, then help them improve their host health and natural defences. 


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Here’s what we discuss

  1. In what condition have people returned to the Gym’s since Lockdown? 
  2. Human’s are the only animals on the planet that are confused about how to live… 
  3. How has the natural process of eating become so complicated? 
  4. What is your Metabolism and how does it effect your bodyweight? 
  5. The energy management dials of weight loss 
  6. Can you break your Metabolism through dieting and lifestyle? 
  7. What hold be your goal when it comes to your metabolism? 
  8. What is hypothyroidism and what does it mean for your metabolism 
  9. What are the main causes of a Dis-regulated Metabolism? 
  10. What health issues will a dis-regulated Metabolism (Metabolic Syndrome) cause? 
  11. Bryn’s experience with a dysfunctional metabolism 
  12. What is Metabolic Syndrome and what are the 5 measures for this condition? 
  13. If you are Metabolically unhealthy (i.e. Metabolic Syndrome) what issues can it cause? 
  14. The strong link between the metabolism and immune health 
  15. The special genetic situation observed in many South East Asians 
  16. How to create a Healthy Metabolism and nourish your Immune System? 
  17. The simple practical solution to becoming Metabolically Healthy


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