#142: Understanding Inflammation, Oxidisation & Immune Health ~Dr Tom O’Bryan

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Dr Tom O’Bryan helps scientifically unpack two commonly used yet massively misunderstood terms – Inflammation and Oxidisation, and how to think about supporting robust Immune Health during the year of COVID-19. 

Dr Tom O’Bryan is a 40 year+ holistic practitioner in the US, with a focus on understanding and reversing modern lifestyle diseases. He has helped 10’s of thousands of people through his clinic, online presence and two best selling books – Autoimmune Fix and You Can Fix Your Brain. 

Inflammation has been inappropriately vilified. It’s an effective and critical part of our immune system to fight off invasion and help with body and cellular rejuvenation. The problem is the chronic lifestyle and diet-induced inflammation, that weakens your defences against external threats such as viruses and pathogens.

Oxidisation is also often misunderstood, alongside the obsession with ‘antioxidant’ marketing. So, Dr. Tom helps stitch together these topics into a single theme – how our immune system uses inflammation, antibodies, endogenous antioxidants, macrohphages, vitamin and much more to address damage and foreign invasion.

This conversation is laced with great examples and analogies. We’ll talk about the deleterious role of Gluten, Plastics, Chemicals and Seed Oils on human health. Dr. Tom frames up what autoimmunity is, the linkage to metabolic syndrome, and how our bodies seem to be attacking themselves.


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Here’s what we discuss

  • What is Inflammation? What are its roles in our body?
  • What is healthy vs unhealthy inflammation?
  • What are the layers of our Immune System, and what is the link to Inflammation?
  • What is Autophagy? How does antibody induced inflammation play a role?
  • Why is Vitamin D so critical to a healthy immune system? What’s the link to serious COVID-19 cases?
  • How does excessive chronic inflammation cause suppressed and weakened immune system?
  • Leading an anti-inflammatory life & the Blue Zones
  • What is Oxidisation, free radicals, and free electrons? What’s the issue?
  • Do you need to take (or eat) Antioxidants? Understanding the master role of Glutathione.
  • Dr. Tom’s issues with Gluten, Plastics, Chemicals and Seed Oils
  • Drivers and testing of Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Why are autoimmune and inflammation issues so pervasiveness? Why is the immune system so easily duped?


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