#54: Tom O’Bryan – Causes Behind The Explosion of Autoimmune & Brain Diseases, & How To Take Back Control

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In a world where the new “normal” is a pretty sad state of affairs, there is an alarming increase in diseases, cancers, cognitive decline, obesity and general decline in quality of life and health.

Fortunately there are leaders in the functional medical space that are looking at the WHOLE system. Not just the heart, or brain, or liver, or stomach –  but EVERYTHING. The interplay between the entire body, and it’s response to our environment, lifestyle, food and mindset.

Dr Tom O’Bryan is one of those global leaders.

A holistic practitioner who has dedicated his life and work to understanding the sequence of events through time, your body, and environment that is causing people a myriad of disease, unease and dysfunction. He has helped 10’s of thousands of people, and is extending that help through his books, online presence and talks.

Tom has authored two best-selling books on this subject.

The first being the Autoimmune Fix, that includes an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Reset that I have personally done with my family.

The second, and most recent, called You Can Fix Your Brain, extends the concepts by looking specifically on the impact our food, environment and lifestyle have on our brain health.

Here’s what Dr Tom O’Bryan shares in this jam-packed 1h Episode:

1️⃣ The startling evidence that supports the need for a Paradigm Shifting Moment in how we look at human health and disease

2️⃣ How in just 1 hour a week over the course of a year you can transform your health and cognitive capabilities

3️⃣ The issues with Phthalates from Plastics, heavy metals and food toxins have on our lives

4️⃣ The worrying statistics related to Child health, intelligence and mental issues as a result of inheriting toxic overload from their mothers

5️⃣ Explaining how the immune system fights toxins with antibodies, but is not equipped for the volume of modern day toxins

6️⃣ The direct link between chronic toxin exposure and autoimmune conditions such as Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Alzheimers, Vitiligo, MS, Psoriasis, and how it takes decades to materialise into symptoms

7️⃣ How an inflammatory lifestyle effects everybody in different ways, dependant on your weak link – i.e. your genetic vulnerabilities.

8️⃣ The difference between healthy antibody production for cell turnover and elevated antibodies that destroy more tissue than can be recreated

9️⃣ A great walkthrough on the onset and symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism

🔟 How you Immune system elegantly remembers how to respond to toxins such as Gluten, for life, but the damaging consequence of this memory


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