#55: Lamorna Hollingsworth on Women’s Nutrition, Weight Management & Modern-Day Body & Health Battles

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Lamorna offers a refreshing and highly relatable perspective to the needs and struggles many ladies face when it comes to getting in shape and being healthy.

Whilst men and women are equal in every measure, and can achieve pretty much all the same things, the tone of discussion, coaching and support is often different when helping ladies achieve their health and body goals.

The logical, metrics-based, obsessive nature that men can often express when they get into the training and nutrition isn’t always what women want to hear, or get motivation from. In actual fact, for many women, this can have the opposite effect. Definitely not always – but quite often. So having a female voice, a female leader, offering guidance and relatability to the AdapNation female audience is a welcome break from time to time. I’m sure you’ll agree ladies! 😉

Lamorna is Personal Trainer, highly-accredited Nutritionist and an online coach exclusively for women. She’s got a great back story, is incredibly empathetic and practical to her real-world female clients, and has establish value-first business online with her courses, programmes and facebook community. We had a great conversation, and it was truly refreshing to provide a female voice of authority onto the podcast.

Here’s what we cover in this Episode:

Intro Into Lamorna Hollingsworth:

  • The unlikely transition from IT to falling in love with being a Fitness Professional
  • Dealing with depression and self-worth issues after her surprise forced and politically-charged redundancy
  • Changing her life by stepping into the Boxing Ring!
  • Taking that bold step to become a personal trainer and nutritionist, and finding her true passion.

Observation, Needs and Struggles for todays Women:

1️⃣ The goal is always to lose weight, but sometimes dressed up as something else

2️⃣ Struggles with subconscious hard-wired food habits and lifestyle choices

3️⃣ The Eat Less Move More mantra is quite often misunderstood or abused

4️⃣ Dealing with the mass of myths, opinions and contradictions in regards to weight loss and health

5️⃣ The psychological aspect is often left unaddressed, leading to regression

6️⃣ Struggles with body confidence, and setting unrealistic dieting goals that can be crushing

7️⃣ The need for black and white diet rules and wanting to be 10 out of 10 in one step

8️⃣ Breaking habits versus changing habits, and the incremental improvement mindset

9️⃣ Dealing with the issue of willpower by use of planning ahead

🔟 How to have a social life but still commit to losing weight

Where to Learn More about Lamorna:

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