#143: Reflections on COVID Mania ~Ivor Cummins

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Ivor Cummins is one of the leading voices of reason, science and truth when it comes to this #coronavirus crisis.

If you haven’t already, go listen to the hugely popular first COVID-19 conversation with Ivor Cummins (#132) published 1st June. Also, you MUST follow Ivor on Twitter, as he’s an absolute machine when it comes to pumping out the real science on COVID-19 – @FatEmperor.

Wow, what a discussion! We took off the kid gloves and ripped this covid-response subject wiiiide open. It will not disappoint.

This is your time to act. Consume this conversation, think through what is being said, and work through some fo the referenced content. And then…stand up and be counted!

Have the courage to speak up. Break down your cognitive dissonance, overcome your vulnerabilities, and help people make sense of this mess. Start by sharing this podast, and merely ask that people listen with an open mind. And if people have issue with what is said, direct them AdapNation’s way.

Thank you. Let’s try and divert this train wreck of a global hysteria and fearmongering response to #coronavirus.


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Here’s what we discuss

  1. The startling Cognitive Dissonance and Political Bias, even among highly intelligent people
  2. Is the RT PCR Test fit for purpose?
  3. The flawed commitment to Testing & Surveillance
  4. The overwhelming evidence that Masks don’t work
  5. The difference between a Pandemic and a Casedemic
  6. What impacts death rates across countries?
  7. The motives behind the global synergy of response
  8. The need to question some global entities
  9. Just how much money has been spent by the UK Govt, and the unnecessary Economic Destruction?
  10. Thoughts on the need, value and ROI of a #coronavirus Vaccine
  11. Why we never have, and never will invest in fixing people’s health with Diet
  12. Understanding the Seasonality of Infectious Respiratory Diseases
  13. Addressing misconceptions with the Spanish Flu
  14. The reality of what it takes to establish Effective Herd Immunity
  15. Ivor’s projection on this upcoming Flu Season
  16. Should you trust Doctors and Nurses to know and tell the truth?
  17. Can people help divert this Train Wreck? The urgent need for people to speak up…
  18. The leading authorities to follow, and some great resources to check out

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