#109: How to become Indistractable & taking back the reigns from tech! ~Nir Eyal

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Nir Eyal, a foremost leader in understanding behaviour design, habit formation, and developing compelling technology, joins us today for a truly fascinating and highly relatable discussion on the modern plague – DISTRACTION. 

Nir has been advising companies for years on how to design tech that gets us hooked. Who better to seek counsel from than an industry insider when it comes to hacking back and reclaiming our focus?! Nir wrote the book (literally) on how to get people hooked on tech, as well as how to become indistractable. 

Nir Eyal Podcast Interview on distraction

If you want to live the most fulfilled life and achieve what you really want, in line with your values, then you must develop a framework and mindset that limits the distraction and noise, and allows you more traction in the things that really matter. Distraction pulls us away from action, and often break our own rules and values. So why do we allow it to happen… all the time?! 

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this episode. The what, why and how of distraction, at the scientific and deeply psychological level. You’ll better understand your behaviours – which are natural human behaviours, as well as understanding how you can claim back control. 

We also spend a lot of time discussing the elephant in the room. Whether we should be blaming the big tech giants for causing deep distraction and the growing mental health crisis. Are they really the issue? Are we doomed to fall under their spell and get less and less important stuff done?  

Are our kids destined for a terrible future due to social media in their lives? Are they powerless to the ever strengthening algorithms? 

This and so much more. You’ll love this one, I’m sure! You may even relate to Steve’s issues with distraction and pain avoidance… 

Here’s what we discuss:

  1. Blamers, Shamers, Distracted and Indistracted – only one will thrive
  2. What is Distraction, and it’s connection to pain management
  3. What are the main causes of distraction, and is it all external?
  4. Understanding human behaviour – why do we do anything?
  5. Why Willpower and self control is not enough!
  6. Indistractable – The skill of the century requiring a methodology, commitment and self-identity of doing what you you value
  7. How to turn distractive behaviours into acceptable and productive habits
  8. Why running off of to do lists is so disempowering and destructive to wellbeing
  9. The power of Timeboxing, Implementation Intentions and Hack Backs
  10. Technology – are we defensively addicted? Are the big tech giants controlling our minds? Are they corroding our societies and kids?
  11. Mental health and Technology – is there a link? What are the facts?
  12. The plus side of Tech – what bad things are no longer happening as a result of tech habits?
  13. What are the Psychological Nutrients for humans, especially kids, and how todays kids are malnourished.
  14. What we can do as parents to help our kids be tech literate, psychologically satisfied, and capable young adults?
  15. What are Social Antibodies, and how can we use them to control the downside of tech in our lives?
  16. What about getting distracted with positive things? Can we justify breaking our rules for ‘good’ distractions? We explore Steve’s many struggles…

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