#148: Optimising Your Health in 2020 ~Tim Gray, Biohacker

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Tim Gray, the UK’s leading Biohacker, a psychology specialist, and the founder of UK’s largest alternative health conference called The Health Optimisation Summit joins us to talk about optimising health in 2020.

This is timely topic. 2020 has put a finer point on preventive health in a way like never before. BUT, are people pulling away, in a self-sabotage kind of way from this concept, and is optimising around the edges low on people’s priorities right now?

It’s a true irony. People this year have got the wake up call of all wake up calls. You cannot expect robust health if you don’t commit to it. We are not invincible. Poor chronic lifestyle and diet habits catch up with us eventually.

However, for many, people seem less interested and committed to self-improvement and transformative health this year. For many of us, the Pandemic is all consuming – leading to life being on perma-pause to some degree. This pandemic has messed with a lot of heads and thrown this years health commitments into a spin.

That said, that is not the rule. According to Tim, this year seems to have amplified peoples health status. If you were informed, had momentum and expressed a growth mindset, then those folk have grown disproportionately this year. If you were without direction and not sure what good heath is, then for those things may have gotten worse.

Irrespective, change can happen in an instant. You just need to know wha the big rocks are, decide to shift to health, and start to the ball rolling with your first action.

Sound good? Listen in for Tim’s big rocks to optimising your health.


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Here’s what we discuss:

  • Tim’s journey from chronically ill and doctors shrugging their shoulders to optimised health and biohacking leader
  • The public sentiment in 2020 towards self care, health optimisation and biohacking – what are we seeing? Is now the right time?
  • When we deviate from nature, we lose health
  • COVID is the wake up call – real health is now on the map like never before
  • What modern medical healthcare does well, and where it is failing us
  • The modern obsession with scientific studies to confirm is natural ancestrally consistent habits are healthy
  • What is biohacking? Why does it get a bad and misunderstood reputation?
  • What is making personal health experimentation, optimisation and quantification so popular?
  • Ancestral living vs Tech Obsession Biohacking – what should the priorities be, and how to bet use tech?
  • Why are some people so quick to choose the Gadget or Supplement other the tried and testing natural choice?
  • Convenience is threatening human health. How to live with convenience and mod entity in a healthy and vibrant waw
  • Tim’s TOP FIVE low budget, accessible and more impactful Biohacks
  • The London Health Optimisation Summit in Jan 2021 – Who’s going, what to expect, and #covid contingency planning


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