#156: Shattering Health Paradigms with Meat-Based Nutrition ~Judy Cho

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Judy Cho is a nutritional therapy practitioner, nutritional author, and prolific producer of evidence-based nutritional content online. This intelligent women values family, bio-individual health, honest science, and a return to clean ancestrally-consistent nutritional choices. She’s comfortable with complexity, but delivers compelling simplicity.

The evidence, science, observations and her own personal experience has landed her on a meat-based diet, with her Instagram and Book focusing on what she calls a Carnivore Diet.

Be prepared in this episode for your nutritional paradigms to be challenged, if not shattered!

In this episode we unpack Judy’s 12 year commitment to a plant-based way of eating, and the mental health and disordered eating issues she grappled with throughout – just thinking she was broken and weak. We dig into these issues, the therapy and medication approaches offered – all the while having our failing diet praised by doctors.

We talk about Judy’s leap into the unknown and scary – dropping the plants and going completely meat-based – i.e. a Carnivore Diet – and why after three years she is such a strong advocate for this way of eating. Being completely healed of her mental health and disordered eating battles, Judy helps us understand why scientifically  she is now thriving.

We define what she was eating before, and what exactly is involved in her carnivore diet. We explore diabetes, gut issues, sugar addiction, hormonal and neurotransmitter issues, brain energy dysfunction,  and why a carnivore diet can be a powerful tool to heal chronic deficiency and inflammation.

We touch on traditional nutritional wisdom, the problems with modern plants and our consumption patterns, and the role of meat and plants in the human diet. And loads loads more….

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Here’s what we discuss:

  1. Where’s Veganuary gone?
  2. Judy’s 12 year unknown battle with Plant-based, Mental Health and Disordered Eating
  3. Judy’s mission – from management consultant to nutritional therapy and meat-based advocacy 
  4. What did Judy’s Plant-based diet entail? What were her cheat foods/meals?
  5. A total Mental Health and health recovery with a… Carnivore Diet
  6. The strong links between diet and psychological health and neurological issues
  7. Why we need to starve off our addition to sugar
  8. Healing Diabetes, Gut Issues, Autoimmune Conditions etc using this “elimination diet”
  9. Animal-based nutrition, human biology, human tradition, and human evolution
  10. Plants – The issue lies in the Modern Day growing, harvesting, modifying, processing, anti-nutrients, and 24×7 consumption
  11. Listening and testing our bodies innate wisdom for nutrition vs responding to hijacked cravings
  12. What does Judy’s 3YR+ Carnivore Diet look like? What’s included and what’s out?
  13. Getting real with Gas, Bloat and Gastrointestinal Issues – when, what and how much is ok vs a sign of a problem?
  14. The traditional wisdom and value of eating in line with your lineage
  15. Judy’s health stories of her Korean Grandmother and Mother who  gave up tradition for the American Diet
  16. Plant Purism – What roles to plants have in human health, from Judy’s point of view?
  17. Meat vs Plants – which are more nutrient dense and least antagonistic?
  18. What are Oxalates, and why you should moderate you consumption?
  19. Thoughts on Dairy – is it good for you? What about intolerance? What forms and sources are best?
  20. What are the ways a Carnivore Diet can fail, and what dials are there to optimise this nutritional approach?

This episode makes up a comprehensive and diverse collection of great interviews where we challenge the modern nutritional norms with this idea more meat and less plants s likely a healthier outcome for humans. If after this you want to dig deeper, check out the other episodes in this series of nutrient dense optimal nutrition below.👇🏼

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