#97: How to Prioritise Nutrient Density ~Sally Fallon Morell (Weston A. Price)

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In this episode, we have the wonderful Sally Fallon Morell jo in us from the Weston A Price Foundation. Sally is one of the foremost global leaders in nutrient-dense ancestral living through respecting and returning to our traditional diet, and is driven by a truly noble and caring cause.

Sally is the Founder and President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, that she setup in 1999, as well as a best-selling author. The Weston A Price Foundation is held in high regard by global nutritional leaders, often considered the definitive source of traditional nutritional wisdom. Those who attempt to return full health and human potential back to western societies usually cite the work of this foundation.

The foundation showcases and extends the brilliant one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable work of of Weston A Price, a dentist, who travelled the world observing the contrast in diet and health of indigenous tribes when compared to modern western cultures.

He performed observational studies, nutritional testing, took thousands of pictures of indigenous people, and hypothesised that the departure from traditional nutritional principles was the leading cause to the health issues we were (and are ) seeing. He is most famous for documenting his findings in the his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

In this interview, Sally introduces us to the key principles of a nutrient dense diet through describing Weston A Price’s observations, talking about the myriad of issues in the modern diet and guidelines, and placing a positive emphasis on our need to embrace saturated fat.

Most of all, Sally argues strongly for the need to take full responsibility as adults on the health of our children, and just how important a nutrient-dense diet is to their development from preconception through to a young adult. This is a heart warming and convincing plea, backed up with logic and science.



Here’s what we discussed

  1. Intro into Sally & WAPF – Parent to Author to President,  Turned her family life around. Life as President
  2. Addressing legitimacy concerns of Weston A Price’s work
  3. Weston A. Price Health & Dietary Observations of Indigenous tribes
  4. Issues with Modern Day Gluten production and consumption
  5. Why you need to avoid Seed Oils
  6. Why you should embrace Animal Fats (saturated), in particular butter
  7. The big problems with Commercial/Industrial Milk and Dairy products – and why you should avoid them.
  8. The value of Raw Milk and associated cheeses – including where to find local Raw Milk producers, and addressing the risk concerns with Raw.
  9. Why and how Saturated Fats were demonised over last 70+ years
  10. Red Flags of with Modern Nutritional Guidelines, including Vegetarian and Vegan diets
  11. The truth about the Nutritional Value of Fruits and Vegetables – Sally describes the Old Calorie trick that has mislead us
  12. How to prepare and consume Fruits and Vegetables safely
  13. Can you have TOO MANY nutrients? – i.e. get nutrient toxicity?
  14. The value and sources of the Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D and K
  15. The importance of getting Child Nutrition right – From preconception onwards. Practical approaches, Sally’s real world pragmatic guidelines. The need to correct child obesity, disease and disability
  16. The issue with Soy – the Damaging effects of Soy in the diet, the profit seeking fake meat and soy industry, and the WAPF wins so far
  17. Where to Get Started with learning more – see below links!


Where to find Sally Fallon Morell and her work


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