Can you #BeYourBest in 2021?

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Whilst the last 9 months have been an utter distraction, my underlying driver has been to allow the below to be the reality for my kids, my family, myself, and those that engage with AdapNation.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Believe it or not, covering #covid the way we do is categorically NOT a business model. Turns out you have to choose – Educate (for free) or Sell something. Never the two shall meet.

I knew that with the very first public #covid post I did in May. If anything, it was a massive gamble that had a high probability of failure.

💛 That didn’t matter. What mattered was doing honest, needed and valuable work – work and effort that was driven by #principles.


1️⃣ Scientific Honesty, 

2️⃣ Fighting for my Kids Future, 

3️⃣ Fully Leveraging Who I Am, and 

4️⃣Fighting for the Vitality and Health of Humanity.

👇🏼 The below image is at the top of the AdapNation website, and has been there since Dec 2019.

With all the COVID analysis and coverage, I for one needed a little reminder of what my personal underlying personal driver is in life. To be my best, add value, and advocate for an up levelling among us all.

What does it mean to be your best?

Does it resonate… at all?

🤷🏻‍♂️ I have no idea if the below image resonates with those here for the #covid content.

❓Do you guys following this page prioritise YOU, and YOUR experience? Honestly?

❓Does #BeYourBest mean different things to what I’ve captured below? Please share 👇🏼

❓As you look at 2021, are you seeing a write off, or do you have some confidence in your ability to control how you show up, what actions you take, what emotions you feel, what experiences you have, and how the year will feel?

❓Projecting a little, how do you see your 2021 reflections going on 1st Jan 2022?


🤷🏻‍♂️ 2021 has already proven to be another incredibly unsettling period. What the future has in store for us at a policy, public health and societal level is anyone’s guess. 

😩 That uncertainty is uncomfortable, I totally get it.

But, even with some dark clouds ahead prior to the sun breaking through, isn’t our experience and our emotions our choice❓


Steve x




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