K-Shape Recovery – ie the poor get poorer

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“K Shape Recovery” – it’s both on the money, a depressing reality, and symbolic coming from WEF… 👇🏼

What does it mean?

The Rich get A LOT richer, and poorer get poorer and ever dependant on state support.

More than that – it means technocratic globalists increase their power, reach and control, and those outside of these circles increase their dependence and subservience.

KLAUS Schwab’s WEF vision is called Stakeholder Capitalism.

ℹ️ Work through the WEF materials and what it actually means is a consolidation of the worlds resources under state and technocratic globalist control – carbon, oil, gold, money, real estate, natural resources, food technologies and raw materials – allowing for a “borrowing” or “small provision” to the masses if they are responsible citizens.

😫 Last week I got off a podcast with the insanely smart Robb Wolf where we spoke about the globalisation of food production and resources, and just how scary and fragile a future this could create. 

🎧 That episode will drop next week.

From the WEF article below:

💬 “As per their analysis, the covid-19 recovery path bifurcates in two directions: large firms and public-sector institutions with direct access to government and central bank stimulus packages will make some areas of the economy recover fast but leave others out. 

💬 “Those that get left out are the usual whipping boys: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), blue-collar workers, and the dwindling middle class.

💬 “As unemployment and private debt levels increase, so do defaults. And if the institutions that issue the debt are “too big to fail,” then the defaults they incur result in government bailouts, effectively converting private debt into public debt.

      —> harkens back to the U.K. South Sea Company fraud of the 1,700’s…

💬 “A recent report shows that while some businesses are reopening, many remain closed. As the recessionary environment continues to simmer, it also makes the recovery curve lethargic.

💬 “The higher the level of unemployment in a recession, the longer the recovery curve—and this crisis is going to have an exceptionally long recovery curve.

Do read the full piece here



WEF website, 22nd Dec 2020


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