2020’s Leading Causes of Death

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From a leading cause of deaths perspective, this is how 2020 ended up 👇🏼

Detailed ONS reporting on all Non-COVID deaths as well as pre-existing conditions for PCR Positive Deaths has yet to be released.

⛔️ If we as a Country and a Govt truly care about minimising decades of personal suffering, lives crippled with chronic late-stage conditions, and premature loss of life… then we MUST NOT repeat another year of being asleep at the wheel.

We had from March – September to dial in on helping people strengthen their health, immune system and mental health. To prepare those with compromising pre-existing conditions for the harshness of winter.

💰 With all the money spent, we could have partitioned a good portion to REAL public health support.

⚙️ Substantially subsidising real food – making it an easier choice to eat real nutrient dense foods. Deploying the might of the UK Govt/MSM establishment’s propaganda machine on the criticality of owning your REAL health. 

Using all the psychological tactics deployed on the masses regarding COVID, but instead on encouraging health and making negligent ill-health not OK. 

💬 “Be Healthy, Protect The NHS, Save Lives”

Everyone of the below conditions is lifestyle modulated.

👌🏼Get and stay metabolically healthy, eat a (honest) nutrient dense diet, keep to a healthy weight, prioritise sleep, nurture your relationships, and get out in the sun and nature as much as possible.

It’s not complicated, but today, it’s incredibly hard to stay committed to health when there are so many distractions and short-term hits vying for our attention.

2020 England Leading Causes of Death

Let’s not repeat 2020

😔 In 2020, Govt and MSM could have lead a campaign to help calm our anxiety and promote good mental health practices. Instead, they wanted you scared, fearful, and addicted to the drip-drip-drip of the next COVID headline.

When the dust settles, when the legal and scientific challenges against Govts and global bodies start to come good, and when current leadership is replaced, we will look back at 2020 (and perhaps 2021) as a monumental human-created disaster.

Not the Virus. The perma- response.

We bet the house on a specific Human-Controlled narrative. That it would be Globalists 1 vs Nature 0.

🃏And as the losing streak continues, all we see is a ‘Double or Nothing’ strategy, combined with smoke and mirrors to distract us all from the colossal failure of our leaders.

🧪 The approach has been and continues to be a MYOPIC focus on one disease process, at the expense of all other disease manifestations. Nothing else matters… only PCR Positive Deaths and Vaccines.

Here’s the reality. Vaccines don’t make you healthy. Medicines don’t make you healthy. Being healthy is about the simple lifestyle decisions you make…. EVERY… SINGLE… DAY


❓Are we going to make 2021 a repeat of 2020, or are we going to give priority to ACTUAL Public Health? To having a LIFE? To LIVING WELL?

💝 Not just for benefit in 2021. True health pays you back for the rest of your life, extends your life, and makes your exit less prolonged and degenerative.




ONS Monthly Mortality Analysis (18th Jan 2021) and NHS Weekly COVID File (21st Jan).


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