#81: Brian Sanders – Exposing The Food Lies & Optimal Human Nutrition

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It’s time to UNLEARN Nutrition!

We’re quickly coming to realise that much of what we’ve been taught and recommended when it comes to food is wrong. Many people believe we are doing the complete OPPOSITE to what is considered optimum human nutrition!

What?! Yep – there are many many motives at play that drive the messaging and supply of food, and most of these motives are not in support of you and I.

To explore this controversial but fascinating idea, we have the very talented Brian Sanders onto the Podcast. Brian quit his engineering career to commit his life to exploring and sharing the truth about nutrition, and to call out all the lies we’ve been told about food for the last 100 years.

Brian runs a very popular and compelling Podcast called Peak Human, and is soon to be releasing the product of his life’s work – a feature film called Food Lies. A film looking to correct all the manipulative wrongs of documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What The Health and Fork Over Knives.


Brian is a rare breed. He combines smarts, curiosity, tech skills, film skills, critical thinking and a deep passion to fight against manipulation and the mistakes that are making us fatter and sicker.

He combines and connects the wisdom of 100’s of deep specialists in the various ares of expertise from books, his interviews, his filming and personal anecdote, to create a unique and all encompassing view of what are the optimal nutritional principles for human health. Oh, and they aren’t what you’ve been told!

I’m sure you’ll love this discussion, and should learn a bunch along the way. We make extensive references to other people and podcasts, which you can see below. Now, get strapped in and get ready to have your paradigm shattered!


Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Brian’s family and personal health motivation behind exposing the lies, exploring the truths and giving everything to sharing what he has learnt

2️⃣ Chronic Disease is not normal, nor is it chronic – Change your diet and taking back what human health should be

3️⃣ It is all one big Conspiracy? – If we’ve got it all so wrong, how? What were the motives? Was there intention? What drives our nutritional guidelines? Brian exposes the truths.

4️⃣ We’re fat yet malnourished!– What are the reasons for this paradox? How can we have such abundance yet have so little good health?

5️⃣ Plant vs Animal Nutrition – How we’ve got it backwards. Discussing nutrition density and bioavailability, protein needs and toxicity

6️⃣ We’re kidding ourselves! We’re too gullible – Forgetting our evolutionary backdrop of 2 million years and thinking we can change everything and find a new elixir for life. Where has sceptical critical thinking gone in normal day-to-day life?

7️⃣ We live in an Era of Disinformation – If we repeat a lie enough times, we believe it as fact. Generational wisdom. But what lies are we talking about?

8️⃣ A Crazy insane man… until people realise the truth – How difficult it is for Brian and peers to offer their breakthroughs without being institutionalised. Do we have Paradigm Paralysis?

9️⃣ What’s the Optimal Human Diet– Brian shares the SAPIEN framework. A few basic principles that have been forgotten for far too long. (See below for teaser)

🔟 There is no such thing as Essential Carbs – Our bodies need essential Proteins and Fats to function. But do we need carbohydrates to be human?

*️⃣ #veganlies – How vegan propaganda has and is the driving force behind our nutrition choices today. Brian exposes some disinformation and deceit. Intent may be good, but execution and arguments are fundamentally flawed.

*️⃣ How are some Vegans thriving? – Brian explains how some individuals are seemingly thriving on a vegan diet

*️⃣ Really care about Planet, Animal Suffering & Your Loved Ones? – If so, there is a need to reframe the problem and put in place productive campaigns and food industry practices. Brian explains.

Brian’s Optimal Human Nutrition Framework – SAPIEN:

1️⃣ Nutrient Dense Highly Bioavailable Whole foods

2️⃣ Focus on Protein, Embrace Fat and Minimise Carbs

3️⃣ Avoid Sugar, Refined Grains and Vegetable Oils

4️⃣ Don’t Always Be Eating and Eat With The Seasons

5️⃣ Take steps to Reduce Toxicity in your food choices


Where to Learn More about Brian Sanders and his businesses:


Referenced Experts:

  1. Dr. Paul Saladino – How a Meat-Only diet has complete nutrition – AdapNation Podcast Interview
  2. Dr. Shawn Baker – 2.5 year Carnivore Advocate and thriving – AdapNation Podcast Interview
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  20. Sustainable Agriculture, Mixed Farming, No Till Farming – Joel Salton, Jay Brown, Allan Savory
  21. Ancel Keys vs John Yudkin – Competing hypothesis of the impact of Saturated Fat (7 Countries Studies)


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