A #wibble Coordinated Defamation Attack on Us

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve witnessed a small but coordinated defamation attempt on our business.👇🏼

It is deeply concerning that people are so negatively charged to go out of their way to plan an attack on a person or business.

There are a few familiar names on this list that have trolled us prior to us seeing sense and banning their torrent of abuse. They express zero attempt to debate, help or seek truth – the mission is to attack and attempt to harm those with dissenting opinion and insights.

Well, it turns out a they are part of a Facebook Page called The #Wibble Movement and their private Wibble Group. It’s a public page, where the primary goals are:

  1. Brag about successful #wibble trolling from their 10K page members
  2. Identify COVID Sceptic posts to militantly target as a group – troll, report, antagonise
  3. #wibbler of the day awards and other acts of self-righteousness

This is a truly disturbing movement, whose entire energy is negative and one of tribalism and spitefulness. There is no goodness… just a desire to cause pain to those they disagree with.

It’s a frontal effort to seek and destroy.

👀 You really should take a look below at the self-identifying and foolish lengths they are going to to hurt AdapNation and me personally…

Fight Fire with…. Diplomacy and Integrity

It’s a disappointing expression of humanity that these movements and defamation attempts exist, but hey, with 7.5 billion people in the world, you have to expect a few bad eggs. Social media just makes interaction with them unavoidable.

🚫 Our response is, nothing. No attacks. No attempts to stoop to their level. No desire to incite hate and aggression.

We’ll explore the official channels of calling out defamation attempts on platforms such as TrustPilot and Facebook.

🥰 Most importantly, the people who actually care to engage with AdapNation are receiving value.

❤️ That’s expressed through 370+ positive TrustPilot Reviews, with a score of 4.8/5, 260+ positive reviews on FB with a score of 4.9/5, and the 100’s of daily appreciative comments and messages we receive across the social platforms, directly, and through our podcast platforms.

Look at This Well-Organised Conspiring!

This was captured by a whistleblower in their Private Group (Wibble Group), 11th Jan 2021

The Wibble Group Conspiring to cause harm

Later that day, they celebrating blocking Steve for (perversely) calling them out on Facebook:

The Wibble Group Conspiring to cause harm to individuals online

Not content, they make several attempts of mock impersonations of Steve on THIS website:

Then there is the general MO of this #wibble page to incite online harm and damage:Inciting Stealthy Online Harms
They even have their own fake AdapNation Account!

These people know no limits. They are following our page and replicating them in an abusive satirical way – laughing at each others attempt at sarcasm. Account was set on 15th Jan 2021, which can be found here:

#Wibble group attempting to smear groups and people
Page followers and engagers – pink highlights are frequent AdapNation antagonists, with those underlined central to #wibble. Mark Ware is the greater of the #wibble movement. At least 3 of these individuals have created scathing and smearing 1-star TrustPilot Reviews (see below).
We only know about the Spoof Mocking account because…
The Wibble Group inciting defamation and online bullying
Trolling on Twitter, to get our attention of their online bullying
Here’s an off-platform copy of incriminating posts and comments by the #wibble group 
#wibble group - online extremist harassment group
Click here to see the latest collection of captured posts and comments made by the #wibble group on their spoof mock account of our business, on their private group, their main Facebook page, and other identifiable evidence
Check out the Hate-fuelled Energy on our TrustPilot review site

As permanent record of their coordinated efforts to cause harm to AdapNation’s reputation, here is the small collection of targeted reviews running 9-17th Jan 2021.

Or you can check out our TrustPilot public profile.

If you have further evidence of the #wibble group further harassing, trolling, mocking, smearing or inciting negativity against AdapNation or Steve Katasi (or anyone for that matter) – please comment below or email through using the contact us form. Thank you

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