UK Asymptomatic Testing Rollout

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Read this. If things weren’t bad enough already with this #casedemic and testing symptomless people… 👇🏼

They want to find MORE cases. More, more, more.


👁 Businesses, Helthcare, Retail Workers, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools… all with the attempt to normalise “Enablement Testing” and the necessary digital health passports that will record test and vaccination status.

Asymptomatic UK Testing Rollout

❌ The Govt are WRONG re the ⅓ are asymptomatic. 

They have taken a fair observation that if you sample those genuinely on the path of a respiratory pathogen infection, approx 30% will be #presymptomatic, and completely bastardised it to fit the asymptomatic WHO propaganda. 

❌ There is no reputable and clinically robust evidence that genuine asymptomatic transmission exists.

🤒 From limited research, presymptomatic transmission may account for 0.6% of transmission – but those studies upon further scrutiny are unearthing that people WERE symptomatic, it’s just they hid early symptoms well from others with a brave face and meds.

🤪 So, to suggest that someone with ZERO symptoms is a real risk of transmission is anti-science and bordering on #lunacy. If you don’t develop symptoms, you are NOT diseased with a respiratory virus!!!

ℹ️ If you are genuinely presymptomatic, your risk to the population is minuscule… until such a point when you start to present cold/cough/flu symptoms. At which point, THEN, you pose some risk of spreading an infectious pathogen.

🎧 U.K. Pathologist Dr. Clare Craig explains this and much more in our recent interview (link in comment below 👇🏼).

👩🏼‍⚕️ Dr. Clare Craig is a fan of completely abandoning community PCR testing – in actual fact completely abandoning all community testing. 

But, if our obsession does not allow for us to stop this charade, she does welcome a transition to Lateral Flow tests – the tests mentioned in this Govt press release. 

😫 They will produce much less noise. But, the downside is the normalisation of community testing that serves two goals – a perma-pandemic and shepherding in increased population control through increased surveillance.

P.S. those who get a positive Lateral Flow Test will still need to get a PCR test, as the WHO Case Definition only supports a Positive PCR test. Oh, and their Case Definition DOES NOT include any symptoms… just a a PCR test will do. 🤦🏻‍♂️




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