Vaccine Efficacy stats are highly questionable

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Take a read of this from BMJ Associate Editor. Vaccine Clinical Trial design have only one goal in mind – getting approved. #ScienceIsDead

Read Peter Doshi’s article on BMJ below, as well as his long list of clinical and scientific research credentials in his bio, also below. 👇🏼

Questionable Vaccine Efficacy




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  1. Hi Steve Katasi, very interesting!, thank you. My first thoughts are relating to the distinct possibility that here at last is some clinical evidence to support the contention that it is the PCR test that is the cause of this anomaly!. The huge disparity between the the cases reporting symptoms n the non-vaccine cohort and the very small number reporting symptoms in the vaccinated group!. Your text was a bit ambiguous!, in the first part you refer to those with Covid 19 syptoms not confirmed by PCR test and in the second part you just say suspected but un-confirmed cases. I am understanding that it is observed symptoms that ;confirm’ infection!, most scientists do not rely on the PCR test!. Chers, Richard.

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