Are you ready for the RAW TRUTH?

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When raw truth is undesirable or downright painful, you can see why people choose to deliver and accept lies 👇🏼


🤫 Life is not fairies, princesses, angels, and unicorns – but that doesn’t stop people trying to convince themselves and others around them that it is.

🔄 The circle of life is brutal. Everything is consuming some other living thing in order for life to continue. The one absolute certainty in life is… death.

People can be physically attractive, but not always. Everyone has baggage, embarrassing destructive habits, and discomfort about certain aspects of their character.

🤥 You know Raw Truth is often Ugly, Inconvenient & Painful, and that’s why you sugar-coat it. That’s why you simply don’t say it… because it will hurt people or cause unnecessary tension.

😱 This is why, for the most part, dinner dates are restricted to only a certain depth of conversation. Go further and ask people to reflect and explore on the mess of their life in some capacity, and the tension is unbearable.

🙈 To be truly honest with yourself seldom happens. To honestly accept your moments of narcissism, laziness, hate, judgement, fear, anxiety, jealously and self-doubt is too much for most people to willingly explore. So, they don’t.

❓So, if you are not willing to be totally honest with yourself, what hope is there that (1) you will deliver unfiltered honesty to others, or (2) you will be able to accept the same from someone who has kind intentions?

Raw Truth is Ugly


2020 and 2021 are being built on lies… because the truth is too Ugly, Inconvenient, and Painful.

🤷🏻‍♂️ The govt are lying to our faces on an unprecedented scale – and yet people are accepting it. Why?

☠️ It starts with fear. Most people have not come to terms with the fragility of life, and that death could knock on their door at any point. For most, death is the highest order fear.

🙏🏼 So, if you build up enough fear, people will fight, flee or freeze. But, if there is a strong enough (supposed) leader figure in a tribe, people look to their leader to sort out the mess.

🚨 And that is exactly what we have see over the last year. Govt’s in concert with globalist operations and owned MSM first amplified the fear to hysterical proportions, and then used that fear to wield their “solutions”.

The reality is, the truth about the UK COVID death toll is ugly, painful and inconvenient – especially for the govt.

🤕 It’s precisely the societal constructs that govt have shaped over the decades that have created one of the sickest (yet richest) populations globally.

Plus, govt know they can’t blame the people for their own health – because it places all the emphasis on agency and none on govt intervention. They also know that people want silver bullets… not to do the hard work of maintaining great health.


❌ If you’re NOT scared of death, you know you are well (or at least well enough), and you have high agency when it comes to creating your own life circumstance… you are a problem to those that want greater population control.

As fear is the principle tool for mass compliance, if someone is impervious to fear mongering, then Govt will do the next best thing… attempt to ostracise you.

🤫 Life is easier but less enriching and often less successful when you live a life that chooses to simply go along with the propaganda du jour – i.e. to live a series of lies.

❤️ Life is much harder psychologically and societally to confront the multiple layers of lies your life is built upon, but it’s much more liberating and more likely to create valuable solutions the world (and you) actually needs. I.e. a greater chance for finding sustaining purpose and passion.

🚫 The govt don’t want you to be a free spirit. To work things out for yourself. To make your own choices. To live by your own rules. To honestly act off of true purpose and passion.

You’re unmanageable as a free spirit who thinks for yourself. So, they work day and night to influence you to think, act, behave and believe the way they think is best to suit their ideologies and personal success.


We saw all of the above in 2020, and we can expect more of the same in 2021, but with some things amplified….

📣 It seems people are unable to maintain the high fear-factor for this long – which is a people mgmt issue. Of course, they will re-ignite fear by using every trick imaginable, including “new” threats etc.

However, fear is making way for something much better at this part of the Perma-Pandemic. Submission and Defending Egos…

😩 People are submitting to the incessant pressure. People are getting desperate for this pain to end. They do whatever (easy) thing it will take to lessen the authoritarian stranglehold.

🛡But more than submission and more than fear – we have protecting our egos, beliefs and actions. 

Because, for most, if your ego and beliefs are shaken, it acts as an existential crisis. People would rather die than admit their beliefs and lives have been built around lies.

💣 The idea of being materially wrong at a belief level, or worse still, gullible enough to be royally hoodwinked, is enough to go to war defending against.

🙈 This phenomenon is called Cognitive Dissonance. The pain of being wrong is too great to bear. The truth is too great to bear. So, you double down on your beliefs by defending your position… largely through emotion and irrational thinking.


This is exactly what we saw in the back half of 2020, and the pain of cognitive dissonance will strengthen by the day through the next six months.

💥 Get ready for more explosive debates. More people seeking you out to silence you and make themselves feel better with lying to themselves

🤬 For most, the pain of their ego being cornered in will force them to lash out. To use anger, hate, frustration, and forms of character assassination to deflect their dissonance and defend the shaky ground on which they stand.

🙉 They will double down on the mainstream narrative as their gospel. They will stick their fingers in their ears when someone attempts to offer a counter argument.

🔫 And they will fling weak pseudo-science around (that they don’t understand) in an attempt to soothe their pain of being on the wrong side of history. The world is closing in on them, and they will go out all guns blazing.



💔 RAW TRUTH is Ugly. It’s Inconvenient. It’s Painful. It’s no bed of roses.

❓Are you ready to hear the truth? Or would you rather defend the lies to defend your own ego and your unspoken vulnerabilities?

If TRUTH is your goal, you’ll first need to get honest with yourself. To do some real self-work. Much of your life has been built on lies, including who you think you are, and what you think others think about you.

⚠️ But be warned, if you ask for Raw Truth, be prepared for it to sting.

If you can handle it, the struggle of life can turn from one of pain and disappointment to one of exploration and unlimited discovery.

Nothing is certain, lies are everywhere, and life IS STRUGGLE. The trick is to embrace this reality vs trying to fight it your whole life.



#RightSideOfHistory #FactsNotFear


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  1. Hi Steve Katasi, I do appreciate what you have posted and agree that fear is our worst enemy!, as a person bedevilled by terror as a child and now immune!, I also agree that the sense of ostracism is quite severe!, not entirely unfamiliar however because I have been a devoted truth seeker all my life!. When I found out that truth is very elusive!, all of us are victims of cognitive dissonance to some degree!, confirmation bias is just as bad, all our thought processes are conditioned by our feelings!, all in all we simply cannot trust our judgement!. What I had to come to terms with is perpetual uncertainty!, never being absolutely sure of anything!.
    During this adventure we call life I have come to understand that when it comes to finding falsehood things are a little easier!, it turns out that the simplest single bit of empirical evidence can reliably refute a hypothesis!, so we can find out un-truths quite easily! this means that by a long process of elimination we can weed out most of the lies and try to work with what is left!, fortunately we do not need to do much!, the environment in which we live is not hostile!, unless we make it so!, even then most antagonism can be deflected or diluted!.
    All of this is of course just what I have come up with!, I make no claims to veracity, just that for me it gives me a reliable working template to sort through most of the garbage floating like scum on the public awareness!.
    Cheers, Richard.

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