Have we lost 1-1.3K people per day in the last few days?

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You really need to stop paying attention to the daily PCR-Positive Deaths (aka maybe COVID Deaths) Headlines. 👇🏼

These headlines are totally misleading with the intent to scare, control and fuel the vaccine push.

Do yourself and your friends/family a favour by getting educated on what the Reported Daily Death figures mean in reality.

The below shows where the reported deaths for 6th, 7th and 8th Jan actually occurred. As you can see, we are not losing ANYWHERE NEAR the daily PCR-Positive figures on a daily basis, as the headlines would like you to believe.

UK Deaths Reported vs Date of Death

We’ve described this graph format a number of times, the latest a couple of days ago. Check out the link in the comment below 👇🏼

🔮 Get ready for Total Morality, and therefore PCR-Positive Deaths, to crest within the next two weeks – as we see every single year.

The only difference this year being (1) PCR-Casedemic allowing reporting misdiagnosis and the Perma-Pandemic response, and (2) excess deaths driven in large part due to all the needless NPI’s causing health decline & handicapping healthcare.




PHE Coronavirus Dashboard data extracts, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Jan 2021

🔵 WHERE THE DEATHS ACTUALLY FALL: https://adapnation.io/where-the-1041-deaths-actually-fall/


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