Where are you in the Vaccine Queue?

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🤦🏻‍♂️ Wow… there’s a “vaccine queue calculator”, to help people count down the days until their unnecessary experimental jab 

🧮 I adjusted the rate to 1.5 million a week, but expect they will get up to 2-3M a week as they scale up the operation and pressure. I dialled uptake down to 60%… but the reality is uptake will start super high (90%+) in the most elderly and taper down as you get to those with strong independent thinking and research skills, access to modern online media, and those confident in their own immune systems and health agency.

22-32 million to willingly and naively take the jab(s) before me. No doubt also signing up to various track, trace and health passport-type systems. Followed by an annual schedule of yet more new tech. #owned

I’ll pass, thanks. Meaning those behind me in the queue can get their jab slightly sooner. 🙌🏼



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  1. tried to share on FB and they have blocked it as some find it offensive apparently, they the truth hurts

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