BREAKING: Where the 1,041 deaths actually fall…

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Insulate yourself from fear & hysteria by getting grounded on the data – albeit take PCR-casedemic reporting with a large pinch of salt 👇🏼

🚨We hear big numbers by MSM & Govt.

1️⃣ First step is to understand where those PCR-positive deaths fell.

2️⃣ 2nd step is to get in-context total mortality metrics.

3️⃣ 3rd step is to dig into the NHS activity data.

0️⃣ Then, or perhaps before all else, understand what the definition of a COVID Case, Hospitalisation, Intensive Care or Death. You’ll find that the WHO and all member states regard a person a “COVID Stat” based on one thing only…. a Positive PCR Test.

ZERO symptoms in the official definition that is used for surveillance reporting and informing national/local policies.

Oh, and were you told that the PCR test cannot assess disease, infection, or infectiousness? Or that it has a high operational false positive rate when used in community testing settings?

🙄Or, that as of the SPLASH of the new variant, PCR tests have reduced in accuracy even further? They have taken the tests from matching 3 genes to 2 genes. Less genetic material = more false results. And voila… cases going even more CRAZY. 👌🏼

🤷🏻‍♂️ If you do all of the above, you feel less taken by the tide of hysteria. That of course, if you want to engage with the truth vs the over-hyped narrative…

Understanding The Graph & Deaths Data

⬇️ The below graph has NOTHING to do with the 28 day cut off point – i.e. they count a death as #covid if the person was tested PCR-positive within 28 days prior to passing away of any cause.

📊 Instead, what the graph below helps visualise is where the daily reported deaths actually fall.

UK 1,041 COVID Deaths - the truth

🔔Yesterday there was fanfare as there were 1,041 reported #covid deaths – how many of those are misdiagnosed in the reporting we cannot easily determine.

Look at the Sky New BREAKING banner “1,041 further deaths in the latest 24-hour period”

What does that mean to the lay person? You may be aware of this little reporting trick, but if you were living under a rock in 2020, what would this mean to you?

Well, what it means to most is that 1,041 people died in the last 24 hour period – i.e. between 5-6th Jan.

👍🏼 The good news is that it ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT mean that,

👎🏼 The bad news is that no MSM outlet, Govt COVID Dashboard, or Govt representative is helping you understand that number.

Yes, MSM, Govt and the PUBLIC like a headline. The scarier the better.

🧠 But, the reality requires more than a headline. It requires people to use their head, and to put the number in context…

That’s what the below graph does.

🤏🏼 Only 154 of the 1,041 deaths reported yesterday ACTUALLY occurred within the last 24 hours. The remainder fall on a great many days, as indicated by the pink bars below.

  • 326 of those deaths occurred 4-10 days ago
  • 118 of those deaths occurred 11-17 days ago
  • 22 of those deaths occurred 17-60+ days ago

❓Now, answer me this – which is more scary and fear-inducing – the Sky News Headline or the Below Graph?

Of course, we can expect the grey area in the graph to increase in number as delayed death registrations come through… but just look at the total height of the daily bars. Quite different from the headlines.

Lastly, our annual peak of weekly deaths occurs by mid Jan, at which point things drop at a reasonable clip.

👁 What we are seeing in the “second wave” is normal seasonal pressures, plus the affects of incessant govt restrictions on life and healthcare, as well as perhaps a slight bit of extra respiratory infection burden.




PHE Coronavirus dashboard between 5th and 6th Jan 2021


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  1. Hi Steve ,

    Minor point – I get number of deaths from 22+118+326+132+284+154 = 1036 not 1041

    Why the discrepancy ?

    Thanks for the work BTW.

  2. Are you also saying msm gov are double counting deaths already reported on previous days?
    If so we should shout out from the rooftop this fraud

    1. Hi Andrew. No, this is not showing double counting. Instead, using headline language and reporting behaviour to disguise the fact that the daily death figures are from many many days and NOT from the last 24 hours.

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