What’s driving up the COVID PCR Positivity?

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Let this soak in. What we are seeing is the #PCRcasedemic kick in to hyper drive👇🏼

All in the spirit of… 💉💉 before the seasonal mortality pressure turns a corner by mid-end Jan, as it does every year.

The govt cannot afford to miss the boat of riding the seasonal decline and pegging it as Vaccine and Lockdown success.

Have YOU #GotTheirNumber ?

PCR COVID Positivity & The New Variant



Data from PHE Coronavirus dashboard. Graph (plus 20+ others) from the COVID+ Insights dashboard👇🏼



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  1. Hi Steve Katasi, I really want to know more about this!, are there any other sources of published information about the way the PCR test actually works?, I understood from published reports back in April last year that the standard false positive rate for the 45 cycle PCR test was about three percent, and more recently another channel comments section from someone said that the test uses about twenty base pairs for analysis, what I want to know is more about the relationships between base pairs and the genes! and that calculation for accuracy, on the face of it what you have said implies that over ninety percent of the day’s sixty eight thousand positives were false because they took six hundred and twenty thousand tests!, that would leave a mere twelve thousand ‘real’ positives from which all the other false positives must be deducted!, this implies that the sheer scale of the deceit is breathtaking!.
    The same logic has to apply to reported deaths as well!, the ones with real Covid 19 must be about ten percent of what they claim!. I am willing to consider this quite possible since the total excess deaths is very low for the time of year! and the other causes of mortality have to be higher!, apart from a possible reduction in road deaths!. Cheers, Richard.

    1. Hi Richard. Get started with this assessment of the PCR issues: https://lockdownsceptics.org/pcr-based-covid-testing-has-failed-us/

      You may want to listen to our interview with Dr Clare Craig (co-author of the above) which speaks at length about PCR texting: https://adapnation.io/154-dr-clare-craig-covid-science/

      Beyond that, take a read here where there are a collection of scientific opinions on the new variant and (downplayed) consequences of knocking a gene out in the PCR Test: Scientific response to the new variant and PCR testing (3 to 2 genes): https://www.sciencemediacentre.org/expert-reaction-to-pms-and-cmos-statements-about-new-restrictions-and-the-new-sars-cov-2-variant/

      Lastly, there are numerous easy to find technical explanations on how the RT-PCR test works at a RNA, DNA and amplification level.

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