England/UK In-Context COVID Update – 7th Jan 2021

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Healthcare is constrained during Christmas. Combine that with an isolated and low 2020 xmas experience for many seniors, and this happens… 👇🏼

↖️ We always see an artificial low on ONS Total Mortality data for the week of Xmas due to death identification and registration delays. You see this on the 5YR average line (top left).

This year is no exception (see top left).

🏔When you combine delayed registrations with post-xmas blues and the weather plummeting one last time ahead of Spring, we always see mid Jan (by ONS data) as being the crescendo of Total Mortality in England/UK and other Northern Temperate countries.

So, bear this mind when we start turning the Total Mortality and Respiratory Infection corner and begin declining all the way to our mid-August low.

🌱It aint the vaccines… its nature and seasons.

Xmas Excess – why?

⚠️ However, with all this said, the 2020 Xmas data suggests a problem of our own doing.

😬Even with markedly lower registrations for week ending 25th Dec,  we see abnormally high excess deaths across the board. We see this excess across all settings too – Home, Hospitals and Care Homes.

Look at the graphs below. That’s not organic or natural…

😢We need to seriously consider the combined effects of isolation, anxiety, depression, loss of life purpose, and physical health decline of those unable to see their children, grandchildren and extended family during this time.

🏥 Add that to a less powered NHS during Xmas and those issues exacerbated due to the policy-induced strain and resource mgmt constraints.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Could the Flu & COVID #vaccines causing ADE iUK & England COVID Insights 7th Jan 2021n some as one extra contributing factor?

Non-COVID Excess is a real problem

‼️The Non-COVID Excess Deaths situation seems to be falling on deaf ears. We lost another 1,244 people ABOVE the 5YR average last week alone. That brings this total to 35-40K for the year in England & Wales.

You can take that figure right off the overall excess without attributing that to COVID. That’s quite the dent in the #COVID narrative…

Next weeks ONS Weekly Deaths report is also likely to be dramatic in some sense, due to the reasons above, including more days home alone and healthcare constrained.


Virulence down

↙️ All that said, if you dare trust the PCR COVID data (at your own risk), you can see a further decline in Virulence. The bottom left graph show fewer deaths per PCR-Positive test.

We can also expect to see the PCR-Positive COVID Deaths crest either this week or next from an ONS perspective. Totally independent of the Relentless Vaccine PUSH…

What do you think?

❓What does this report say to you? What observations do you have?

👀 The COVID+ Insights Dashboard is fully up to date across ALL the 20+ graphs and tables – including Mortality, Aged Mortality, Excess Deaths, NHS Trust level details and Local Area Key COVID Stats.

Use the dashboard and this post to think about the situation. To add some much needed context. Share your thoughts below. 👇🏼




All official sources including ONS, NHS, FHM and PHE. Each graph within the COVID+ Insights Dashboard has downloadable data and links to the original sources. 👇🏼




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