Lockdowns Don’t Work: the 29th “perfect: study on the matter

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29 Scientific Studies (and counting) that expose the ineffectiveness of Lockdowns. This is a beauty… 👇🏼

😥 Identification of the “Mink COVID Variant” in Denmark lead to the mass culling of Mink and for parts of the country to placed into Lockdown.

👌🏼This created the perfect well-powered and statistically relevant natural experiment to compare Lockdown vs Voluntary Measures in regards to measured infection rates using the clinically questionable PCR Test.

And what did they find?

  • ”Our study suggests that efficient infection tracing and voluntary behaviour is more important than actual mandates in controlling infection… mak[ing] full lockdowns unnecessary”
  • The number of Covid infections in the two groups was already falling before the onset of the heavy restrictions in the lockdown municipalities ‒ and it keeps falling just the same in both groups.”
  • Lockdowns don’t stop, slow down, or seem to affect the future spread of the disease in any way.

Danish COVID Lockdown Study

AIER wrote up a more accessible version of this technical paper, which you can find in the below comment👇🏼

The original preprint MedRxiv paper can also be found in the comment below👇🏼

Lastly, AIER in concert with Ivor Cummins have documented 29 Papers that showcase the volume of empirical evidence against Lockdowns and associated mandates. Again, found below👇🏼



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