#152: The COVID 1-2 Health Decline Punch (expect fireworks!)

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Geez, I got animated in this discussion. This was one big explosion of uncontrolled and unexpected fireworks!
Fans of AdapNation’s content, or those that generally are holding in a lot of emotional pain and anguish regarding this COVID-leadership – I suspect this will be both cathartic and energising.

The Convo Context:

Bryn and I got together to talk about the 1-2 punch that this COVID obsession is having on peoples personal health.
A critically important discussion as I’m sure yo will agree, because not only does it effect our susceptibility to serious infectious diseases, but it effects our future and overall ability to thrive, be effective and enjoy life.
This conversation absolutely touched a nerve. I got on my soap box and ended up monologuing and having a good old rant. Not my podcast style, so apologies upfront.
But, the issues of ignoring and directly effecting the decline in peoples health is a sickening reality of 2020.
I can’t sit on my hands and be polite about this stuff, as we’re being sold a false bill of goods with this Biosecurity authoritarian regime consisting of incessant testing, manipulative case definition, suppressing movement and socialising, masks, and now the finale – experimental vaccines being thrust upon the ENTIRE population of the human species.
This is clearly a raw conversation, full of expletives and exposing the ugly truths of leadership decisions and peoples lack of personal health ownership.
It might offend some people. Hopefully you see my passion for what it is – an intense care and concern for people being mislead and let down.
Apologies upfront if this is too strong and feels too direct and harsh. Please know, I have zero issue with you, the everyday person. We are all doing the best we can with what we have and what we know.
My beef is squarely with the overt manipulation, propaganda and coercion being deployed at an unprecedented scale by ideologically flawed leaders across government, business, institutions, globalist think tanks and technocrats.


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Here’s what we discuss:

  1. The seismic short and long term effects on gym owners and gym goers 
  2. The ask to sacrifice your personal wellness for public health 
  3. Whilst not being asked to make poor health decision, the environment is fuelling them 
  4. Where are the redlines on peoples personal health, like schools? 
  5. The ugly truth when it comes to UK health and infectious disease susceptibility 
  6. Health is much more than infectious disease risk 
  7. Why are we not being supported and educated on how to own our own health? 
  8. Why are Govt not making it more difficult to make bad decisions? 
  9. What government fear most… being irrelevant and losing their control 
  10. If Hancock knew better on what is true health, would he change his plans? 
  11. The worrying willingness to thrust experimental Vaccines on to the entire population 
  12. The UK: historic and current leaders in Vaccine innovation and deployment 
  13. Why are vaccines, testing, surveillance and restrictions important to Govt? 
  14. The issue with giving the Vaccines to the most vulnerable groups first 
  15. How the NHS is a glorified drug pushing institution that has an unsustainable economic and service model 
  16. Imagine having the confidence and agency to control your health outcomes… 
  17. The liberating revelation to accept life is death, and to not fear it 
  18. The ugly reality about cancer, and the role our lifestyle plays 
  19. We don’t need technology and biology to meet to be healthy. The opposite is true 
  20. Our health should be the centrepiece. Not the biosecurity BS 
  21. The system and moral pressures NHS staff are under to take the vaccine 
  22. The issues with conflating policy & desires to return to normal vs science 
  23. The Church of Vaccines, and drawing contrasts to medicinal choices 
  24. The root of all our COVID Problems – case definition 
  25. Are we going back as a society and species in 2020? 


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