Non-Covid Causes of death during Epidemic

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FOI no3, extending yesterday’s analysis, but now looking at causes of NON #covid Deaths before and during the epidemic peak 👇🏼

ℹ️ This analysis looks at the Underlying Cause of non-covid deaths between January-June (6 months), assessing the distribution between under 65’s and those in retirement age.

➕EXTRA: There is an extra analysis of non-covid deaths during the same time, where the focus is instead on the top 20 causes mentioned on death certs, meaning all conditions that contributed to death and not just the underlying cause.

Explaining the analysis

👀 What you are seeing below are the Top 20 Underlying Causes of non-covid death, broken down into pre- UK Pandemic (Jan-Feb) and Epidemic Period (Mar-Jun), ranked based on Over 65 pre-Pandemic data.

🔺 The Up/Down arrows indicate if said value is lower or higher than the respective 5 year average, with large arrows representing more than 20% increase/decrease.

🔲 The Excess column compares the all-ages death toll to the 5 year average for that underlying cause.

🦠 The pink heatmap to the right shows the rankings of Main Pre-Existing Conditions present in COVID-19 deaths during the Epidemic Period (Mar-Jun) – analysis from y’days post, linked in comment below. 👇🏼

UK Non-covid underlying cause of death

What we can deduce

😔 Across all 68 Leading Causes categories, there were +7,887 excess non-COVID deaths compared to the 5YR average, which speaks to just some of the impact caused by lockdown, restricting healthcare, and govt-induced anxiety.

🏡 That’s only half the story. During the Epidemic Period (Mar-Jun), there were an excess of +16,778 deaths that occurred in homes that were NOT COVID. This number is now up to 31,640. Again, we can blame restrictions, healthcare avoidance/restrictions and anxiety. 😢

🔗 As you can see, the top causes of Non-covid deaths closely match that of the Main Pre-Existing Conditions of COVID. More evidence to show COVID-19 is not the REAL killer…

👹 Metabolic Dysfunction continues to express itself in scary ways across the UK, as poor cellular and brain energy management drives all of the main diseases in the UK – Alzheimers, Heart Disease, Cancers and Diabetes.

❌🤧 NOTE: You see that Pneumonia & Influenza mentions quite highly. In FOI no4, I will show you that this is NOT because of Influenza, as we have seldom identified Influenza over the last 7 years – the data will shock you. 

🤔 I thought we lose 10’s of thousands to Influenza every year… such as the Flu Season of 2018/2018. Hmmmm, more on this later…

🧠 This year is really highlighting the HUGE escalating issue we have with Alzheimers and Dementia – a disease that is poorly understood, misrepresented as just quirky forgetfulness, and something we can all expect unless you get your Metabolic Health in order. (more later)

UK causes involved in non-covid deaths

⏬ If you want to deep dive into the data associated to these heat maps, you’ll find the ONS workbook in the below comment.

#FactsNotFear #MetabolicSyndrome 



The underlying ONS deaths workbook is listed below. As is yesterdays post on Main Pre-Existing Conditions of COVID-19 deaths👇🏼


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