Your 2020 defiance photo

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#eyeofthetiger (actually lioness, even more powerful). Your fight has purpose. Take a defining photo of you in 2020 as evidence and memory of your courage to say no to harmful psychopathic nonsense.

You are on the #RightSideOfHistory in fighting this unprecedented “biosecuruty” authoritarianism being inflicted across the world. Make it known.

“Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.” ~Ben Franklin

Remember, fear and danger are two very different things. Fear is a worry of danger, but does not mean danger is real, present or even likely. Govt know this – they create the illusion of danger in order for you to be fearful.

With strong enough fear, you’ll give up everything for safety. You… are… controllable. Is that what you want? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I love you. Keep strong.



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