Pre-Existing Conditions leading to COVID-19 Deaths

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#RealityCheck : COVID-19 is/was not the problem. Our underlying health is the issue. How about we focus on that, instead? 👇🏼

😳 A couple more FOI’s came through today, highlighting very revealing datasets. This is the first. ONS have put together a COVID-19 workbook where you can dig into pre-existing conditions across the ages and sexes.

Interestingly, ONS responded with this today (1st Dec) regarding some granularity I requested that they had to refuse:

“We are no longer publishing monthly COVID deaths with details around the death such as pre-existing conditions or no underlying cause due to the decrease in the number of COVID-19 related deaths. Whilst the number of infections appear to be rising, the number of COVID-19 deaths from July onwards are very small and poses a disclosure risk, making it entirely possible to identify individual records.”

Interesting. Not the language used by Govt or MSM. Not at all… 🤔

I digress.

Context Matters

🗺 The below heat map helps explore the MAIN pre-existing conditions present in deaths where COVID-19 was listed on the death cert, during the Epidemic Period.

ℹ️ During the 4 month period, 224,466 deaths occurred in England, 47,809 of which had COVID-19 mentioned on the death cert. 

ℹ️ DHSC only have 36,072 COVID-19 deaths, as they only count deaths where there was a PCR Positive test. Meaning 11,737 deaths during Mar-Jun had COVID mentioned speculatively.

As you can see, the large bulk of these deaths occurred in those above retirement age, with 91% having at least one serious pre-existing diagnosed condition.

😮 The majority of deaths had 2.2-2.4 pre-existing conditions, and the average age of death with covid matches the current life expectancy in this country of just under 83.

😬 What we don’t track here is Obesity and Metabolic dysfunction, but we can say with confidence that the majority of those that died with pre-existing conditions had one or both issues.

🤷🏻‍♂️ For those without pre-existing conditions, we must accept a decent proportion of those will have forms of undiagnosed conditions and/or nutrient deficiencies that silently compromised their immune system – causing cytokine storms.

🚨 There were a total of 417 pre-existing exiting mentioned across these 47.8K deaths, with a total of 113,404 mentions!

COVID-19 Pre-existing Conditions England

Study this graph. It’s very telling

👩🏻‍🎓I would encourage you to study this graph and get familiar with these patterns of compromise. Age is not the leading correlate, but instead chronically diseased physiologies.

If you seek a deeper dive, or to explore all the pre-existing conditions and their occurrences, then check out the the underlying workbook – linked in the below comment. 👇🏼

▶️ NEXT: In the upcoming post, we’ll spend time looking at the Non-COVID deaths between Jan-June, exploring the strikingly similar patters of leading causes of deaths.

🙉 It’s almost as if COVID-19 has done nothing other than teach us a lesson we are all refusing to hear… 

🐪 That a poor commitment to lifelong health will make you more vulnerable to death, with the most benign of things being the straw that breaks the camels back…

#FactsNotFear #MetabolicHealth




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