#BuildBackBetter through Testing with Hancock

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Wait for it…Klaus Schwab will be so proud of his little posh English fanboy. And…

🤦🏻‍♂️ …absolute nonsense re 1/3 people having COVID (D stands for disease) without symptoms, therefore needing to deploy mass community surveillance to prevent healthy people making other people diseased.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Whaaaat?! I, who is healthy with no symptoms whatsoever, could be silently diseased with COVID? How does that work? How can I be diseased and yet not express any signs and symptoms of being diseased?

🤣 But it gets worse. I, who is not sneezing, coughing, heavy breathing, wheezing or blowing out virus/laden mucous and spit, can somehow be a vector of transmission of a disease I do not have. Huh?

🧠 Let’s ignore sanity and logic. We know, instinctively, that healthy people don’t spread infectious diseases. Should they happen to be shedding viral debris (dead non-infectious matter) or minuscule amounts of virus that is not driving infection, the the viral loads will be immaterial, insufficient and non-projectile.

🧑‍🔬 Of course, science backs this up. It’s well known that those that may well be in an asymptomatic phase of incubation are highly unlikely to be a vector of viral transmission.

🧪 Fauci said it. WHO said it. World renowned virologist Paul Offit said it. Many many notable scientists have said the same this year. Moreover, several scientific studies in 2020 reconfirmed this long-held scientific logic (a few links below 👇🏼).

Destroy, to build back

❗️🏫 Hancock is in urgent need of an education on the critical matters he is managing on behalf of the us – the people he should be serving.

😫 Instead, we the people are serving those in charge – Govt leaders, Thinktanks, Globalist Insitutions, Psychopathic Philanthropists, and Pharma Giants – by giving them what they want. More power, more control, more insight and more of the worlds resources under their control. 

🧱 You cannot BUILD BACK that which has not been destroyed. So, to #BuildBackBetter the WEF way, free market capitalism and democracy must first fail under the weight of a seismic event…

😢…Such as a global pandemic that is kept alight at huge expense to all but those making the decisions.

The western egomaniacs yearn for the China model. Do you? 🤷🏻‍♂️



Matt Hancock COVID-19 Press Briefing Mon 30th Nov 2020.

Scientific papers of the lack of Asymptomatic Transmission:


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