Is your area in the right COVID Tier?

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Which tier is your area in, and do you agree with this decision based on the latest key COVID stats? 👇🏼

Putting together this searchable table was a lot harder than it should have been. This is the problem – people without tenacity, technical skills and knowledge as to where to look are expected to trust blindly.

Anyhoo. This offshoot page of the COVID+ Insights Dashboard will house experimental and one-off charts and tables:

Based on the latest data and current tiering declarations, you can  search for your region or generally compare England, and find out some pretty useful insights:

  • Current Tier
  • Weekly PCR Positive Deaths
  • Weekly number Cases (#coronavirus positive tests)
  • 7-day % Case Change
  • Cases & Deaths rates per 100,000 people
  • Cases rate specifically for Over 60’s
  • Weekly volume of Rapid Community Tests
  • Region

England COVID Tiers

Why these stats❓

Because UK Govt have suggested tiering is defined based on these epidemiological metrics:

✅ Case detection rates in all age groups

✅ Case detection rates in the over-60s

✅ Rate at which cases are rising or falling

✳️ Positivity rate

✳️ NHS Trust pressure

The first 3 (and some) are condensed in the above table.

* Positivity rate is not possible to calculate with public data per area, but we DO report on this at a UK-wide level.

* We also report on NHS burden and general status update per England Trust.

Both of these reports are within the COVID+ Insights, that you ca navigate to from the above link.

Grab it whilst it’s fresh

At this point, this Tiering Insights table is not intended to be a regularly maintained like the primary dashboard.

If, however, there is a fair bit of demand to keep this table relatively fresh, I could look into updating again within a week or so.

Hopefully it’s all pretty straight forward. Let me know if you have any questions, or generally any feedback.



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