The Church of Vaccines: Blind Faith

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Just like we don’t need to prove Jesus exists to have christian faith, the same is extended to the Church of Vaccines 👇🏼 

This post may seem in jest, but I am deadly serious.

We don’t blindly trust all meds…

🤯 I am shocked to my core just how much universal non-differentiated #BlindFaith we have in the category of medicine we call Vaccines.

⚖️ When it comes to medicine, it’s broadly accepted by the public that we need to treat each medication on its own merit.

😬 We know there have been many dud and dangerous meds that have been pulled from the market. We know that the claims against medication injuries is eye-wateringly high.

⚠️ We’ve been conditioned to only take medication when you actually need it, to not take too much, to follow the instructions carefully, to read the package insert detailing the side effects, to make sure it’s safe for your condition/current meds, and to stop as soon as possible.

💊 We know that Ibuprofen, Diabetes Meds such as Insulin/Metformin, Thyroxine, Cancer Meds, Antacids, Statins, Calpol, Antidepressants, Corticosteroids, and Viagra do VERY different things.

☑️ We know they all come with their unique set of side effects and cautions, and that taking a medication when you don’t need it is not advisable.

☑️ We also know some medication is quite effective, whilst others are pretty naff and have been withdrawn or seldom relied upon. Moreover, we know that medication effectiveness is unique to the person and their circumstance – take cancer patients for example.


🙅🏻‍♂️ I labour this point because we don’t lump all Medicine together as one and say “Medicine is safe”.

🤪 Anyone with a working thinking brain knows this reductive blanket statement is both factually false and would only be uttered by someone incredibly simple.

You would never get a doctor make the above statement.

🤯 YET, when it comes to the category of medicine called Vaccines (biologics), all this caution, healthy scepticism, nuanced debate and detailed scientific investigation goes right out of the window…

The Church of Vaccines

😵 Yep. For vaccines, just another form of medicine, we’ve been well and truly #indoctrinated.

📣 ”Just Believe”. “They are a modern day miracle”. “Don’t ask questions”. “If you dare to question the faith, you’re “a bed person. “Take your vaccine for the good of your fellow man”

This, my friends, is #religion. Plain and simple.

The Church of Vaccines

😕 The problem is, the Church of Vaccines offers no spiritual value, no life lessons, no guiding star, no tangible value that has been objectively measured or indeed ‘felt’.

❌ Not only are you not allowed to ask challenging questions or have a dissenting opinion (i.e. challenging the faith), but neither can you differentiate the merits of individual Vaccines.

🙌🏼 No. Instead, just blind faith. ALL VACCINES are amazing. When you are to discuss vaccines, you can only have a moral debate at the level of the category of Vaccines – no deep diving.

💬 So, people comply. They talk in broad terms. “I believe in vaccines”. “I will always take my vaccines”. “I trust that vaccines are safe and effective for everyone”. “I don’t believe vaccines cause harm and injury”.

⁉️ Really? Is it wise to put decades-old vaccines such as Tetanus, Measles and Yellow Fever vaccines into the same bucket as Influenza vaccines and yet-to-be-released Coronavirus vaccines?

⁉️ Seriously? What about the differing vaccine platforms – live attenuated, replication-defective adenovirus, protein purified or mRNA vaccines? Do they all deserve the same unwavering faith?

⁉️ Even if said technology has NEVER been licensed before?

Vaccine Experts don’t blindly believe

👩🏾‍🔬 The funny thing is, Vaccine experts and deeply-educated healthcare professionals DO NOT have blind faith in vaccines. 


⚠️ You will find those deeply educated on the vaccine technologies, trials, immune system, aftermarket surveillance, historical missteps, and injury claims are VERY CAUTIOUS when it comes to them and their family.

🧮 For these people, they want to see LOTS OF CONFIRMING DATA before they take the plunge.

The problem is, these people are not dominant in NHS and mainstream healthcare. They are, actually, a tiny minority.

💊💊 The rest are, with the deepest respects, glorified drug pushers that for the most part (not all) haven’t done enough research… due to interest, time or generally blind faith developed through incessant establishment propaganda.

When it comes to THE QUESTION

So, when asked THE QUESTION –

❓ “will you be taking the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is ready”

😬 If you blindly say “yes”, then one thing is for sure… you are not being scientific. You are not being objective.

😬 You are not considering the vaccine in question, nor the lack of data that we currently have for these experimental vaccines. Or your demographic risk/benefits.

✅ If you do all of the above and arrive at the same answer “Yes”, then at least you have made an informed choice. You’ve engaged your critical thinking skills and accepted the risks for unsubstantiated benefits.

❎ If you don’t do any of the above, refuse to do any research, and simply say “Yes, I’ll be taking it anyway”, then that’s OK too. As long as you accept you have ZERO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, and are choosing to be ignorant and faithful.

❤️ This decision is NOT about others. It’s YOUR BODY, and the body of YOUR DEPENDANTS. Please treat your body and health with the respect it deserves.

⚖️ Make your choices wisely.

Don’t be Blindly Faithful…




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