FDA list of COVID Vaccine Adverse Events

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Aftermarket Safety Surveillance planning by FDA, dated 22nd Oct 2020. Will this feature as part of the pre-vaccine informed consent consult?

😳 Zero attempt to scaremonger. This document just came to my attention. The FDA, the worlds largest, leading and most dominant drugs regulator, has drafted the below set of possible adverse events and conditions to monitor across those vaccinated with COVID-19 jabs.

🎰 Are you happy to spin the roulette wheel of experimental Vaccines when you have a functioning immune system and knowing many of the possible conditions below are very rare naturally?

ℹ️ If you have concern for your current health and are concerned as a result your immune function is lower, then please be aware that vaccines are less effective for those with weaker immune systems, and could even enhance infection (ADE) under certain circumstances – more research is needed to understand why and who.

⚖️ Vaccines are not silver bullets and they come with risks. It’s up to you if you (1) are happy taking the unsubstantiated risk, (2) are willing to be a Guinea pig, and (3) are happy to spin the roulette wheel with the chance of getting Red 32.

FDS Side Effects to monitor



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