Wow… Vaccine Coercion at its finest

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Coercion at its finest. Get the shepherds out and the sheep will follow. The #vaccine propaganda is now in full force, as the Govt think the UK population are as thick as sh*t.

😡 Whatever you decide, please acknowledge this grotesque game of manipulation the Govt are playing.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Make your decision based on science, facts, and an informed assessment of necessity, personal risk, (theoretical) benefits and (unexplored) immunisation risks. Not non-scientific celeb endorsements that are likely getting a cheque for their service.

Make you decision on this – – –

❓Are you ready to sign up to a large scale clinical trial, aka the Phase 4 study which uses the unassuming population to do more science?

🤷🏻‍♂️ You choose – be a #sheep #guineapig cross-breed, or demand the coercion and propaganda to stop in favour for more robust evidence?

🤔 If this experimental drug is good and so needed, surely we don’t need this large scale coercion and propaganda? Surely it would sell itself?

📊 Pollsters (reported by The Guardian today) suggest 35% of the population are unlikely to take the jab, 48% worry that it will not be safe, 47% worry it will not be effective and 55% worry that it will have side-effects. That’s hardly a minority.

Don’t be fooled to think the majority want this, even with The Guardian’s bias to sugar coat…



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