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Bryan Gohl educates us on the whole-body benefits of Red Light Therapy  – a promising and scientifically validated technology that is quickly becoming a staple within the daily regimes of wellness enthusiasts. 

At its essence, Red Light Therapy looks to replicate some of the powerful human benefits of sun exposure, in a shorter more intense session that fits into our busy modern lifestyles. We are, after all, photosensitive beings that are regulated by the daily rhythm of sunlight. 

We instinctively know we feel mentally and physically when it’s sunny and we’re outside. Bryan, biohacker and founder of Red Light Rising, helps us understand the biological mechanisms for why this is, and how Red light Therapy leverages these same mechanisms. 

This episode explores Bryan’s personal wellness journey, including the profound impact his counter culture dietary choices have had on his health and wellness. He shares how he found Red Light Therapy, and what motivated him to start a company in this space. 

From there, we get into the science and evolutionary logic behind the mechanisms and benefits of sunlight, red light and infrared. We get into the details, whilst making it very practical in terms of how to integrate Red Light Therapy into your life. 

For those that want the most out of life, getting clued up on Red Light Therapy just makes sense. It’s the true expression of self-optimisation. 

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Bryan Gohl Red Light Rising
Bryan Gohl in front of the Red Light Rising Full Stack

Here’s what we discuss

  1. Bryan’s Journey – From ill health to thriving. From vegetarian, to bulletproof diet, to biohacking… to carnivore
  2. Being Courageous with Nutrition – How beliefs and social pressure can mask ill health. The need for real honesty
  3. How Bryan got into Red Light Therapy – describing the effects he and his friends felt
  4. What is Red Light Therapy? – The wavelengths. Differences and similarities to sunlight and IR Sauna
  5. Humans are Photosensitive – discussion Circadian rhythm, and our biological need for right light at the right time
  6. The Two Key Biological Mechanisms – The whole-body mechanisms that most of the Red Light Therapy Benefits stem from
  7. When and How to use Red Light – Timing, dose, what to do after, what body parts to target, post therapy light, how Bryan does it…
  8. Differences between Red Light and Infrared – How they effect the body in different ways
  9. Some of the Benefits – As a result of the above mechanisms, what biological, energetic and aesthetic things improve
  10. Using Red Light Therapy to support your Training – how red light can be used as a pre-workout, post-workout and recovery assist
  11. What Risks come with Red Light Therapy? – What does the science say? Can you get too much?
  12. Is Red Light Therapy useful in Sunny climes? – If graced with year round sunshine, should you bother?
  13. How Red Light Therapy as part of a Holistic approach – Can RLT offer benefit by itself? Can it enhance other wellness protocols?
  14. Does Red Light Therapy help with Jet Lag? – How to use RLT as part of a Jet Leg protocol, combined with Jet Leg timing apps
  15. Balls, Testosterone, Female Fertility, Clothes Penetration, 10% discount and more…


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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey

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