#117: Steve’s most Vulnerable Conversation yet…. battle with negative funks

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Negative Funks and Harmful Rumination – I’m not immune to these toxic states and thoughts, even when I know better! 

I (Steve) keep my guard low on this show generally, and have no issue exposing my struggles and weaknesses for us all to learn from. But, there’s being open and relaxed, and then there is being truly transparent. Completely letting your guard down, and letting the raw and ugly truth come out.  

In this episode with Bryn Jenkins, this is exactly what I did. It was like therapy – a session on the ‘Dr Jenkins’ couch! 

I wanted to air this chat, because we all want to show the world that we’ve got our shit together. To downplay the negative and ugly aspects of our personality and behaviours. But, here’s the thing – we can’t complete avoid periods of negative mindsets. Not even self-optimising Mr #BeYourBest! 

We can’t always be happy, even though that’s the dream – the societal expectation. Being unhappy is seen as a failure, yet in spite of many low moments, people achieve the most incredible lives. What gives? 

What I think you’ll find interesting in this chat was the on-the-mic realisation that I am likely deficient in some Psychological Nutrients. And that, there is a of Self-Sabotage in all of us.  

I know better – mentally, academically and through personal experience, and yet I allow myself to to brew negativity and harmful non-productive thoughts from time to time. January 2020 tested me, and for no obvious reason… 

We discuss the WHY behind our Negative Funks:

  1. Sleep Issues
  2. Not living up to expectations
  3. Lack of Tribe
  4. No External Accountability
  5. Not enough Mindfulness
  1. Overconsumption of Information & Learning Addiction
  2. Guilty for being Unproductive
  3. Fear of Failure
  4. Judgement & Imposter Syndrome


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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey
AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey

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  1. Really great listening to this. Can identify on many things said here. Great job guys on being this open. Makes us stress less with daily thoughts and feelings.


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