#150: Where’s your head at with 2020, honestly? ~Bryn Jenkins

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We need more genuine conversation on how people are coping and feeling this year. Not the intellectually morally right answer. Not the politically correct or virtuous answer. Not the consensus thoughts and feeling we’ve been told to experience and communicate.

Instead we need more real, honest and raw exploration of our complex thoughts that the COVID response is inciting.

To help get this conversation started, Bryn joins us for an adhoc conversation that turned out to be both soothing, worrying and optimistic all at the same time!

This is a shorter format than our specialist topic discussions, closing in at just under an hour. I hope you enjoy it, and it acts as the seed in which to expand this conversation with your friends, family, colleagues and even with he AdapNation community.


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Here’s a flavour of what we discuss:

  1. Bored of the propaganda, yet obsessed with the science
  2. How being time-poor acts as an insulator against the dark truths
  3. The good and bad of lockdowns and restricted social experience
  4. This is a year for the history books. “Let me tell you a story about 2020″
  5. Is our fear of accelerated change completely rational?
  6. Worries on not knowing how to prepare our kids for the uncertain future
  7. Constant battle with despair, apathy and frustration at our fellow man
  8. The power plays of protection, dependance and fear
  9. 2020 has been the year of growth, learning and awakening
  10. The worrying distraction this year has created
  11. The thinking man’s choice of suffering through the dark reality of truth vs naively living a lie
  12. How COVID is thinning out friendships and relationship groups through argument
  13. The epidemic rise in emotional and psychology isolation
  14. Life was not a bed of roses before COVID, but is forced change (for the better) OK?
  15. The concerns with the rushed global push of vaccines
  16. How best to navigate the next 4-5 months – dependant on your current frame of mind
  17. The problems independent critical thinkers pose to leaders, and why they must be handicapped
  18. Why does Steve remain optimistic about the effects of this year on humanity?

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