So, has SARS CoV2 been fully isolated?

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🤔 Seems that the only being exempt from isolation this year is the nefarious SARS CoV2 #coronavirus 👇🏼

🦠 This is the best thing I’ve read in the last few days regarding the technical investigation into the aspects of scientific analysis, purification (or lack thereof), and unique (or not) sequencing of the SARS CoV2 virus that is behind the (non-unique) COVID-19 disease.


🔍 Put aside the writers bias. Let’s just investigate and explore the science on offer within this incredibly detailed piece of analysis.

The say it has been isolated…

🤔 I am aware the CDC suggest they have isolated the virus, but they equally have contradicted themselves since then saying they have not been able to quantifiably isolate SARS CoV2. It seems there is a play on words across the establishment scientific community…

❌🧪 Without the difficult task of isolation and sequencing to identify the purified genetic expression of SARS CoV2, instead we have a number of best guesses regarding fragments of its genetic sequence without knowing if in actual fact these sequences that inform mass testing and vaccine development are not expressions of common human or bacterial DNA sequences.

😬 This piece explores and exposes the number of assumptions that have and are being made in the field of science – as all scientific efforts today are being mapped to incomplete works conducted in January.

🕑🕕🕗… If the debate about the lack of ACTUAL viral isolation/purification is so mislead, naive and uninformed, you’d think scientific authorities would explain unequivocally, clearly and loudly the evidence that does indeed prove that we have a sharp precise picture on this novel virus, and that there is no guesswork or ambiguity involved regarding its unique identify.

🙏🏼 Please, if you know of this watertight proof to settle this debate, please share.

It’s all about the Spike Protein

🧬 From my reading, all we ever hear people talk about is the Spike Protein (orf1 gene) – both in testing and vaccine development. But, there is an awful degree of shared genetic code between this gene and those present elsewhere within our bodies.

🤷🏻‍♂️ So, are we REALLY looking to identify a unique signature or SARS CoV2 in testing and vaccines, or instead are we creating technology to identify and respond to something else much more common and that happens to have a benign nature?

I am keen to learn, so please provide evidence that counters this article once you have taken time to read it. Thanks!

Until then, they’ll be no social isolation for this #coronavirus …


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