Depopulation: Can We Have A Conversation?

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This is a deep philosophical & an incredibly controversial topic that has sinister undertones… but here goes. 😬

🤔 Anyone who calls BS on the national and global COVID govt/MSM circus, finds them asking the important question… WHY?

🇨🇳 A popular theme that is hiding in plain sight from WEF, World Bank, Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Boris etc is more effective Population Management in the Western World in order to compete with the Economic and Political Success of China.

😳 A sub-theme being a need to address the Population Growth issue. More specifically, that we already have many more people than the Earth’s resources can sustainable carry – scientifically acknowledged by a factor of 10+! Some experts say 60 million, others say 600 million.

🧠 And let’s be clear, we are the only species on the planet that has a conscious obsession with ‘IMMORTALITY’ and EQUALITY AT ALL COSTS. It’s our big brains and unmatched social and moral capabilities that is our blessing, and also our curse.

🙉 Survival of the fittest is expressed across nature and EVERY species. But we, humans, see ourselves as an exception to nature, and an exception to this universal rule.

Shhh, I Don’t Wanna Talk About This

🙈 LOOK, no good comes from burying your head in the sand and shunning this conversation.

❌ Refrain calling those that feel compelled to broach this subject Dr Evil by default – assuming they are psychopaths that want to annihilate the human species.

🎖I cannot imagine there being ANY Country Leader or Global Big Picture Leader that does not recognise that we have a population growth issue – which really is the underlying driver of climate pollution, declining natural resources, and sacrifices in the food system.

👺 HOWEVER, the HUUUUUUUGE issue is, if you hide this from the Public and don’t involve them in the dialog and the solution, then people assume malpractice.

People assume intentional discreet forms of state-driven genocide.


🤔 And, what forms of programmed genocide exist today, outside of the public conscience?

What Would You Do?

🚫 For me, first things first – stop trying to play God. I have ZERO right to determine who lives, who suffers, and who dies. Govt’s and the Powerful would do well to remember that.

😳 There are some fundamental forms of discreet genocide and suppressing reproductivity, combined with excessive profiteering from state-induced ill health.

💭Sensibly, these are some ideas of transparently tackling this issue – all of which put the emphasis back on the INDIVIDUAL vs STATE 👇🏼:

  1. Abandon Chronic Disease Care – remove this societal dependance, leading to forced lifestyle reform, less poisoning with drugs, and less elongated suffering.
  2. Reform Long Term Care – This dedication to avoid death at any cost is a profit centre, with negligible upside to the elderly person – especially when rapidly declining.
  3. Allow People to Gracefully End Their Life – A prickly subject, but society, Govt and health institutions must return this human right back to people.
  4. Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome – We accept the concept of survival of the fittest in nature. We are not immune to the same laws, albeit our obsession with equality assumes that we are.
  5. Less Govt Dependance – Life is s struggle for everyone. Attempting to eliminate struggle weakens people and their outcome potential. Again, ample opportunity for all, but beyond that point… it’s up to the person.
  6. Involve The People In the Solution – Instead of hiding this from folk, have them understand the problem, and to creatively take personal responsibility.
  7. Smaller Families – Asking people to not have kids goes against human instinct. But, responsibly, have a societal commitment (not law) to keep children down to 1-2 per couple.

What Is Not OK!

😡 The discreet operations via medicine, vaccines, food supply and radiation to weaken those today and thus lower reproduction and those alive… IS NOT OK!

🌍 Let humans be humans, and what will be will be. Versus, trying to play God… which feels very much like the WHO, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, WB, WEF, Global Technocrats, Country Leaders, Population Council, and other outsized Philanthropists.


I said this was a deep and uncomfortable post. 😬

❓How do you feel about the topic? What are you thoughts?


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