Is Genuine Compassion Dead?

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THIS! Check out MP Charles Walker as he passionately addresses the House of Commons pleading for some genuine compassion.

Over the last year, robust scientific method and GENUINE compassion has all but vanished. The “I’m alright Jack” mentality is precisely what makes it possible for such strong proponents of these destructive conditions to vehemently (and often with malice) defend these seemingly perpetual restrictions – causing untold damage to people, society, kids, livelihoods, business and economy.

🙈 If genuine compassion existed across the majority, and absolutely across these online activist FB vigilante groups, there would be a much wider consideration of the effects this last year has and is having on people.

Instead, we see increasing myopic, reductive, and aggressive tribalistic thoughts and behaviours online.

💝 To be truly kind and compassionate is to do so without discrimination. To not be selective on who you bestow your kindness. To care for a stranger who is ‘not one of your own’ as much as a family member or someone who sees the world exactly as you do. To do so in private, without the need to brag about your kindness.

😔 It’s deeply concerning all this faux compassion and virtue signalling online.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Combine that with aggressive, childish and often pathetic behaviours – and you’re left wondering if there is any heart in such people. What happened to these people to be (1) driven by such fear and (2) so aggressive in supporting destructive restrictions on humanity?


What do you think? In your opinion – Is most of the frontal compassion people are advertising online genuine?


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