Local NHS England Hospital Update – 22nd Jan

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Check out the current COVID/general situation at your local NHS Trust by searching this up-to-date table 👇🏼

NHS England Trust-level data: https://adapnation.io/covid-insights/#h-nhs-england-insights

🔹COVID Patient (and MV Beds) stats shown here rely solely on PCR-Positive test result. You cannot infer active or severe SARS CoV2 infection from these data.

🔹G&A % Use and ICU Beds Occupied for all causes are updated as of Thursday evening’s NHS SitRep report

🔹Current Capacity is from latest Open Bed report in November, detailing available beds from Sept 2020. These figures are likely lower than current levels, but not by much (likely 1-2K higher).

🔹% Total Bed Occupied of all causes stats are from the latest monthly COVID report released last week.

🔹Expected % Total Beds Occupied & Expected % ICU Bed Use show utilisation figures for this time last year – using both historical bed stock and bed utilisation data.

NHS England Hospital Trust COVID Update




COVID+ Insights Dashboard, that links back to the relevant official sources. If you want absolute figures vs percentages re COVID Patients / MV Bed use, you will need to download the NHS weekly SitRep.

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard

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  1. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you again for putting this up for is, I take a great interest in it for the way it indicates the variations and changes in what is happening!, it is a great pity that so far no way has been found to accurately identify those actually afflicted with Covid 19, but in the meanwhile hospital bed use and capacity is a good guide to the situation overall. It is very clear that even in the worst examples where fo obvious reasons the maximum of Covid suspects are in the proportion of Covid 19 patients is still less than one third of the total! and less than twenty of the countries hospitals are actually full!, one however looks a bit strange!, capacity is stated as 70 then it says 88 in with Covid!, are they having to share beds?. Cheers, Richard.

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