Dwindling Bed Stock for Non-COVID patients

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This speaks to and reinforces the myriad of COVID-policy issues we have been exploring through NHS employee interviews & NHS official statistics.

I recommend you read this piece by HSJ (Health Service Journal) – a publication for healthcare leaders.

Non-COVID Open Beds dropping
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Layer this onto the NHS Hospital Pressures piece we did on 12th and the monthly NHS stats on staff absences and general occupancy, and the real situation starts to come into focus.

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❗️The NHS is struggling principally because of the COVID policies and operational changes to bed flow Mgmt within hospitals during a robust winter season.

😢 All the while, really sick people are worsening…

The NHS have an impossible job right now, and this will have long-reaching negative consequences on public health.

👁 At some point, we need to take a long hard look at the reality our Govt, the WHO, and NHS leadership have created.

👁 At some point we need to zoom out at take a truly caring and adult perspective on the holistic public health situation that the last 12 months of policy has significantly exacerbated.

👁 At some point we need to confess that this nationwide myopic obsession on one disease process is and will continue to have greater negative consequences to our nation than any slight benefits it might offer.

❓What are your thoughts?

❓Do you agree with all the testing and NHS policies brought in and now lingering on indefinitely in response to the epidemic we experienced in spring 2020?




HSJ piece, leveraging NHS official data. Link to this and other contextually important pieces are in the comment below 👇🏼


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