Latest on the England Vaccine Push – 22nd Jan

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We do have fantastic operational data transparency in this country. Here’s the latest on the vaccine push 👇🏼

(1-3) All the tabular vaccine data below is directly from the NHS, with the addition of ONS England population data to calculate population coverage.

📈 (4) The graph takes data from PHE Coronavirus dashboard and combines it with ONS weekly Total Mortality.

NHS England Vaccine Update


1️⃣ This is the very lates Vaccination status, covering up to 21st Jan. 8% of the England population have received a first dose, totalling 4.7M people. Regional breakdowns offered.

2️⃣ This shows the distribution of first dose vaccines between under 80’s and over 80’s, with data up until last Sunday. It’s surprising that more under 80’s have received vaccines than those older. 61% of the over 80’s have received a first dose.

It shows that in 4 days 1.1M first dose vaccines have been administered.

3️⃣ This shows a more detailed age group breakdown, with data only available up until 7th Jan (monthly report). Very surprised to see 23% of all first doses going to those under 50. Are there really that many highly vulnerable individuals in this age group (and counting)?

With some simple maths, it shows that there were 2.1M first dose vaccines between 8-17th Jan (10 days).

4️⃣ This graph shows that we are 45 days into the experimental vaccination programme, but clearly we are yet to see any positive life-saving signal. In actual fact, we very much see the opposite, but there are many other factors at play here…

…🔸(𝟏) a robust winter season that based on historical annual patterns should peak this week – shown in ONS data on 2nd Feb. 

🔸(𝟐) Health decline effects from Lockdowns and restrictions causing more acute sickness. 

🔸(𝟑) COVID Policies causing significant operational issues in hospitals. 

🔸(𝟒) SARS CoV2 virus  endemically peaking. 

🔸(𝟓) Vaccines have been administered on a continuum, with different vaccine types and different non-trialled dosing regimes. Not all 4.7M received a first dose 45 days ago.

👀 Lastly, as stated many times before, the PCR Positive Deaths vs Total Mortality graphs show significant non-COVID excess in Spring.

❓Moreover, is it COVID that is driving both curves up…

… or is it excess non-COVID death burden on our population combined with clinically-questionable PCR testing that is moving both curves❓




PHE & ONS for the graph. NHS for the vaccine data, which can be found below. There are additional breakdowns based on regions and ICS/STP’s if you are curious…👇🏼



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  1. Hi Steve Katasi I will be very surprised to see any significant reduction in the number of reported deaths because there are very very few people dying with an ongoing infection!, the PCR test does not identify infected people, just those with some slight exposure! and a lot of completely false positives!. There I have said it now!, please correct me if I am wrong!, another three weeks should settle it, of course we will have to find some way of weeding out all the natural reductions due to the end of the worst of the winter’s surge!. Cheers, Richard.

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