The Inside Track on NHS Hospital Pressure

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This explains the discordance between the seasonally normal bed use & ambulance stats vs the NHS alarm bells👇🏼

13 days after this insightful interview with an NHS employee involved in the logistics of a busy England hospital – the story is still the same. (originally posted 12th Jan 2020)

📉 In actual fact, since then, we’ve statistically seen a decline in PCR-Positive Hospital admissions & diagnoses, albeit number are still high. G&A use is at ~85%, and Total/ICU bed use is a a couple % points higher than seasonal norms. 

⚠️ The message was clear – they are insanely busy. It’s a pressure cooker environment beyond the high pressure they experience every winter.

However, the reason is not a single headline. It doesn’t marry with the raw Hosp data. And it certainly is not due to an abnormal excess of acute respiratory infections.

Check out the image below that summaries the issues NHS Hospitals are currently facing.👇🏼

✅ This matches the experience and insights we have received directly from Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Dr, Clare Craig, various anonymous NHS Hospital workers and a couple of GP staff too.

NHS England COVID Pressure Points


The unknowable question then is, what would be the hospital experience IF:

  1. We did not shut down treatment between Mar-July and run a light service thereafter?
  2. We did away with Community PCR Testing & Track & Trace?
  3. We did away with the excess procedure and dedicated/isolated wards?

Well, we know a big part of the answer, but not all of it.

⬇︎ We know that the pressure would be SIGNIFICANTLY less than what is being experienced. It stands to reason.

🤷🏻‍♂️ BUT, we do not know if there would still be an excess winter pressure signal due to COVID-19 community infection, nor if HAIC’s would become a runaway train in the hospital environment.


❓Why are we NOT engaged with like intelligent adults?

❓If the pressure is real, why can’t NHS Leadership, Govt Leadership and MSM speak openly and honestly about the REAL issue for the NHS excess pressure — logistics and staffing?

💬 Surely you’d agree, if we told all of the below – including the challenging interface between for-profit Private Care Homes & DHSC and NHS – we as a nation would have more #TRUST & #SYMPATHY for draining and handicapped Hospital environment.

👍🏼 Furthermore, if we were spoken to frankly about the TRUE REASON for Tiering Restrictions and Lockdowns – i.e to lessen the non-COVID A&E & Elective treatment in light of the above logistical nightmare – I suspect many would accept the compromise.

The Govt (& NHS) have a massively growing TRUST issue. If it was me, I’d opt for Transparency, Honesty and sharing the details…


🙏🏼 Lastly, for all the reasons below, many NHS workers are desperate for operations and logistics to return to Pre-COVID normality.

💉 It’s THIS desperation and fatigue that is driving many NHS workers to (1) get vaccinated & (2) advocate and push public vaccination.

❌ It’s clear that a great many NHS workers are NOT well read on the Vaccination biological scientific reality, trial data fine print, and post-market surveillance signals.

Instead, there is blind institutionalised faith in vaccines… plus a self-preservation desperation to take “their medicine” so normal life can resume.

😩They are done. I sympathise. It sounds hellish.

However, having a medical intervention in order to relax unsustainable policy burden is VERY different from knowing that COVID vaccines will offer any material biological and societal durable protection.

💉 They cannot know the latter, and the non-spin available COVID Vaccine(s) data are both unimpressive and incomplete from a safety perspective…


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  1. Norway is issuing warning against using the vaccine for the elderly and vulnerable – exactly those to whom the UK is giving the vaccine.

  2. Thank you for being the voice of reason, along with those like Dr Clare Craig. Transparency, Honesty and sharing the details… Unfortunately, our government doesn’t understand the meaning of these words. They’ve surrounded themselves with scientifically illiterate and arrogant individuals – the so-called experts – who think they know best and are using a nation as guinea pigs to test their theories. It’s time for independent bodies to be set up to hold the government to account, and for a nation to start to adopt some critical thinking rather than sitting back and accepting everything they are told.

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